February nails: pastel dotted nail art

Currently, it has become really cold in the Netherlands. The temperature is -18 degrees and the streets are all covered in snow. It is really making me not want to leave the house and I rather stay at home with a cup of hot cocoa. While staying at home, I have taken my nail polishes out to play with them a bit. I wanted to be more creative and tried combining different kinds of colors.

These are the results:
Dotted nails with green glitter accent nail

From left to right: nail 1 ( Sephora metallic nail polish M05 (golden base) and dots with American Apparel nail lacquer in the color Office (green), Peripera PP108 (purple) and Peripera OR401 (peachy orange), nail 2 (Peripera OR401 (orange as base) and dots with Peripera PP108 (purple) and American Apparel nail lacquer in the color Office (green), nail 3  (American Apparel nail lacquer in the color Office (green as base) and dots with Peripera PP108 (purple) and Peripera OR401 (peachy orange), nail 4 ( Tony Moly TR05 (Forest green base) and Peripera Perfume Nails in P041 (Glitter on top).

Dotted nails using mainly Peripera nail polishes
A closer look

Update: Somehow I think that the Peripera perfume nails in P041 looks very similar to Lynderella's I don't mean rhinestones. So if people are looking for a dupe of this nail polish, this can really pose for it (when you just look from afar that is :) )

Dot pattern nails using Peripera nail polishes

Sasatinnie nail polishes

Another day, I took out four of my Sasatinnie nail polishes to swatch. These are the nail polishes that I have used (from left to right): Sasatinnie nail polish FCPK008, FCPU001, FCW034, and FCW032 (my favorite Chanel Jade replacement).

Sasatinnie nail polish swatches
Sasatinnie nail polish pink, purple, grey and jade green

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