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Parfois summer sale purchases

Before the summer and the lockdown, I have bought a lot of summer and travel items in the sale from the Parfois online shop. I planned to wear them during a short getaway in the summer, but those plans were cancelled and I had a staycation at home in the last two weeks. It wasn't that bad, as I had a lot of time on my hands to finally learn how to make the food that I loved so much from my trips abroad. For example, I bought Spanish food from the Lidl supermarket and I made seafood fideuá with the last bit of leftovers of my food souvenirs from Barcelona (my way to hold on to the good feelings from my time there). So, I just wore these summer clothes, while I enjoyed the delicious food from my fond memories in countries far away, comfortably in my own living room. 

Parfois white panther print shirt dress (€12.99)

Parfois forest green shirt dress with belt (€12.99)

Parfois pink-white striped long dress (€12.99)

Parfois army green strappy dress (€12.99)

Parfois pink scarf with gold metal…

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