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Christmas snacks

During the Christmas holidays, I had many festive snacks at home to make the quarantine more enjoyable. So, not only was I baking more than normal, I also got more yummy and high calorie food. I think I need to dust off my Nintendo Ring Fit game and start excersizing daily again.  Before I do that, I will show you what made me gain so much weight.  First, I bought these pretty Christmas tompouce from the Albert Heijn supermarket. They were only €1 for two and they were freshly made, so I couldn't resist. At the Albert Heijn supermarket, you can also find many Picard products at the freezer section. I was curious about the eclairs and it was the perfect occasion to try them. Taken out of the box, they didn't look that pretty, so I decorated them with some Christmas sprinkles that I got from the Jumbo supermarket. The filling inside however, was quite special. The 12 mini eclairs had 4 different flavors: pecan nuts & vanilla, chocolate, red fruit, and mango & passion frui

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