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Review: De IJsmaker ice cream (take-out)

From the Social deal app, I bought a voucher for 1 liter of ice cream (two half a liter pints and a maximum of three flavors per pint) at De IJsmaker ice cream shop in Rotterdam. A coupon for 1 liter of ice cream sells for €9.95, but the Social deal app regularly gifts email subscribers with €2.50 coupons and I was able to use one. It made a pint of ice cream the same price as budget supermarket ice cream.  I let the whole first pint get filled with the pistachio flavor (normally, a special ice cream flavor that requires an additional fee of €0.50 per scoop and it is one of my favorite ice cream flavors). I politely asked if it was okay to fill a whole pint with one flavor and without extra fees and they told me that it was no problem. The pistachio ice cream was smooth and nutty with crunchy bits of roasted pistachio. The second pint was filled with hazelnut (rich hazelnut flavor with whole pieces of crunchy hazelnut), lemon-lime sorbet (strong zesty flavor with a good balance of sour

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