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What I read #2

In a column, I read that almost one out of four students at Hong Kong universities has experienced some form of sexual harrassment in the past year. The writer pointed out the importance of sex education, as learning from cheesy soap operas and sexist internet porn, students can develop warped conceptions of sex, stereotypical thinking about gender roles, and a lack of empathy towards minority groups. This expresses itself in forms as misinterpreting consent, bystanders remaining silent or even blaming the victim, women being objectified, the false belief that it won't happen to men, and LGBTI students and those with disabilities being more likely to get harrassed. Moreover, not understanding what can be considered as sexual harrassment (not recognizing what forms it can play out), and not knowing where to go with the complaints (poorly promoted or lacking complaint-handling mechanism), makes sexual harassment a trivialized and underreported problem.

Not only in Hong Kong, but I t…

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