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Jennifer Haynes

Not too long ago, I read about Jennifer Haynes in the news and how she put her dad, who sexually abused her from 4 to 11 years old, to jail for 45 years. It is especially impressive, as she had developed 2500 personalities to deal with the horror that she continued to face day by day. Even though she was enormously damaged, both mentally and physically (the damage is lifelong and her body could be viewed as the crime scene), and her cries for help were ignored all the time, she was capable of furthering her studies in college. It was not until she became 39 years old, that she came forward with her story (she pushed the horrible memories away all that time and alters prevented her from knowing). After a 10 year long battle for justice and letting her alters act as witnesses in court, she was finally able to get her abuser to plead guilty and get him locked behind bars. She even gave up her right of anonymity to let his name, Richard Haynes, to be known to the world. Although she is cu…

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