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Movie: Silenced

Silenced (2011) is a Korean movie, based on the novel "The Crucible" by Gong Ji-young, which is based on real-life events. While finding information about the movie, "The silent forest", which I have written a review about in my previous blog post, I saw a lot of people mention the movie, Silenced. It is a movie with a similar setting, but instead of from the point of view of the students, you see things through the eyes of a righteous teacher.  Before watching, I have to warn you that the abuse scenes are pretty graphic. Especially, the shrieking sounds of the victims and the creepy expressions on the perpetrator's faces are really horrible. I can understand why the actors, playing the creeps, could get harrassed in real-life by those, who have seen this movie.  The story can be roughly divided into three parts: the dirt that becomes uncovered bit by bit, the court room, and closure. Watching this movie really made me realize what adulting really means. I can n

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