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Shopping with Michelle #5

Early October, Halo Top held a free ice cream tasting from their cool pink truck, temporarily parked on the Eendrachtsplein in Rotterdam. I was able to try a bit of all flavors. The chocolate chip cookie dough flavor was the best, as it had small bits of chocolate and cookie dough, so that you get some at almost every bite. The Chocolate flavor didn't have a rich enough chocolate flavor to me. The Cinnamon roll flavor was like they mixed some cinnamon powder through the ice cream. It wasn't as spicy as I feared, a bit mild. It was nice. The Peanut butter up was also not too heavy, a mild, sweet-savory peanut flavor. The Sea salt caramel flavor was like a velvety caramel ice cream with a tiny hint of salt. The Vanilla flavor was what I would expect from a vanilla ice cream. It was nice that I could try this new ice cream brand that had just recently been added in the Dutch supermarkets without needing to purchase a whole ice cream tub with the risk of not liking the flavor. 

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