Korean ice cream review: Subak/watermelon bar (수박바)

Not too long ago, I discovered that the Wah Nam Hong store in the Markthal, Rotterdam is selling individual Korean ice cream bars in their freezer section. The most interesting was the Subak bar, which looks like a real slice of watermelon on a stick, so I bought one to try out.

Korean Subak/watermelon bar (수박바) found in Wah Nam Hong Markthal Rotterdam store Netherlands

The Subak ice bar has a sorbet ice cream like texture, like after freezing a fruit smoothie. If you compare it to the ice cream bars in the Netherlands, the texture is a bit similar to the Ola strawberry or pear popsicles, which have a rectangular stick shape. To me, it doesn't really taste like watermelon. It is more a subtle, non-sour strawberry sorbet ice cream with a hint of watermelon as a end taste, but watermelon flavor is generally hard to recreate without tasting a bit artificial/candy like. The green part doesn't taste like something I am familiar with. I think its taste is close to a green gummy bear. It has a candy like flavor, but with a bit of a refreshing, cucumber like note.

There are many small, round "watermelon seeds" in the ice cream bar and they are chocolate covered peanut bits. I don't really like the flavor of the chocolate, but it could be that I had been spoiled with regards to chocolate. The little bits of crunchy, chocolate pearls do add an interesting texture and savory-sweet flavor to the ice cream bar. It wasn't weird as it blended well together, but I was not hooked by it.

The Subak ice bar leaves a nice cold and clean taste in your mouth, without making you feel thirsty. I was surprised that it isn't too nauseating sweet or heavy, as it is very refreshing.

Enjoying my Subak/watermelon bar (수박바) outside of the Markthal

What do I think: it has a cute appearance and you get instant summer vibes when you hold onto one for a selfie, but I might not repurchase (for this price).
Available: at Wah Nam Hong, Markthal Rotterdam store, the Netherlands
Other flavors: there were two other Korean popsicles too, a mango and a cola ice in a plastic squeeze bottle. All three were sold individually.
Price: €1.55 (I think it is really expensive, but at least, it is cheaper than getting a plane ticket to Korea and buying the Subak bar there)

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