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On this page, I have categorized the posts I wrote about my past vacations. I hope these can be helpful in your vacation planning. Click on the links to go to the posts and to read more about it.

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Milan and Venice (2010)


Carpisa is a bag store, where you can buy Italian design bags for a reasonable price. They also sell accessories like gloves, hats, key chains, wallets, and men's bags.

Hong Kong


Shopping for fashion and cosmetics:

My Sasa purchases:

Shopping for souvenirs:

Cheap food:

Yummy desserts:

How to spend your last day in Hong Kong the most efficient:





Narita airport:


A yukata is a traditional Japanese piece of clothing that is worn mostly during the summer (especially at the summer festivals). The beautiful prints makes it a must to bring back home as a souvenir. The price can vary from as cheap as €20-30 at small shops in shopping arcades, to €70-100 euros, which is about what I paid. But there are also very special hand-made ones that cost a whole lot more. If you have more money to spend, you can also consider getting a kimono.

There are many one price stores in Japan, where you can buy a variety of things for just 100 yen, 315 yen, or at a discounted price. Here are a few that you might want to visit:

Ruinas is a store that sells high quality jewelry in a romantic style for a reasonable price.

At Parts club stores, you can find all kind of (swarovski) beads, accessories, and tools to make your own jewelry.

Pa nail polishes:

Japanese fashion magazines with freebies:


In Japan, you will be spending about 500-1500 yen for a meal.

At a Calbee Plus store, you can order all kinds of snacks that you normally can only buy pre-packaged in the convenience store or supermarket, made right there on the spot. For example, you can order piping hot, fried Calbee potato chips or sticks. 

Interesting places:

Brussels day trip (2015)

The Hague


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