Halloween outfits

Soon, many of us will be attending those amazing Halloween parties. This is the perfect opportunity for everyone to finally dress up differently than they normally do. However, this does not mean that you cannot still be fashionable. I have created two outfits for Halloween. One is meant for the more elegant parties and the other one is a lot more casual. I know many of you might have already prepared your outfit well ahead of time, but in that case it can give you ideas for next year.

Have a great Halloween!

Outfit 1:

The idea is to create a sexy cat woman outfit. First, I found a really delicately beautiful cat mask. To match it, a velvet black strapless dress, which hugs the curves well, and a sparkly star necklace would be perfect. Does it not remind you of a black cat's fur with a diamond collar? ^_^
I was browsing online and found a very special pair of shoes, the front looks like a black masquerade mask with a tear at the eye area and with white frilly edges. The price is a bit steep though, so I recommended two other black pairs of shoes underneath. 

Catwoman Halloween outfit

Velvet strapless dress (Mango), €29.95
Black Cat Mask (Miss Selfridge), €16
Masquerade Platform Sandal (Charlotte Olympia), £675
Strass stars choker (Mango), 54.95

Crossed straps sandals (Mango), 59.95
Lace peep-toe pumps (Mango), 49.95

Outfit 2:

This outfit is inspired by the style of vampires in movies. I used a lot of black and again velvet. I first started with the black loose top with a skull print on the front. I wanted to make it a bit more feminine, so I added a wine red (current trend color) skirt. The black velvet biker jacket makes the whole outfit a bit more warm and approachable. The accessories compliment the overall feel well, but do not wear them all together. It would become a bit too much. I just wanted to give you some options to choose from.

 Vampire inspired Halloween outfit

Stars chains earrings (Mango), 12.95
Skull tank top (Mango), 19.95
Crosses bracelet (Mango), 12.95
Strass chain choker (Mango), €29.95
Belted crepe skirt (Mango), 34.95

Vampire inspired Halloween outfit
Velvet biker jacket (Mango), 69.95
Crosses pendants necklace (Mango), 12.95

Halloween is also the time to take out your more extreme costume jewellery out. I found some accessories that would work well with Egyptian styled outfits. 

Egyptian style accessories
Engraved gold cuff (Mango), 29.95
Emerald bangle (Mango), 29.95
Wings ring (Mango), 12.95

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