Review: Sasatinnie nail polish Q19

After yesterday's Sasatinnie nail polish FCW032, I have another Sasatinnie nail polish to show you and it is the Sasatinnie nail polish Q19. I don't understand why these nail polishes don't have a proper name, but I will have to do with whatever code that they have printed on the label. You might be thinking that this post is the same as the one from yesterday, since the nail polish bottle picture almost look the same. I had that thought too, when I came home with it. Was I attracted to the beautiful green again and bought another one that was exactly the same as the one I picked up from my previous Hong Kong trip? But no, compared to the previous Sasatinnie nail polish, this nail polish is a slightly darker and a pretty teal green. 

Sasatinnie nail polish Q19

The Sasatinnie nail polish Q19 is a bit lighter than the Etude House nail polish DGR702 Meet Mint, which has a similar color. Although the darker color has its charm too, I like the Sasatinnie one a little bit more. ^_^ The bright green brings out the pink from my hands and makes them look very healthy. The CBL602 - Emerald Bubble Pop nail polish from the latest Etude House Color Pop nails looks like an even lighter version of this nail polish. I want to get that one too. >_<

Sasatinnie nail polish Q19

Sasatinnie nail polish Q19Sasatinnie nail polish Q19

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