Red jelly skincare products

Lately, I have noticed that there are quite a few red jelly type of Korean skincare products. I really like them as they look like strawberry jam. It's Skin took this quite literally and just launched these two new It's strawberry jam skincare products: a cream and an eye cream.  The cream looks like a red strawberry jam and it is able to restore it's normal shape after a while. So when you dent the jelly, it will get back flat again after a little while. The eye cream is a bit different as it has a white core in the middle.

I have seen this restorative ability before with the Holika Holika Wine therapy Sleeping Mask. Not the white wine version, but the red wine version also returns to normal after scooping some gel out of the jar.

I am not sure if this Rose Moisture mask from Skin79 also has this ability, but it looks just as delicious.

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