Recipe: red bean ice lolly/popsicle

After buying the pink HEMA ice lolly moulds, I thought long and hard about what kind of popsicles that I wanted to eat and what I could not easily get at the local supermarkets. The first thing that came up was milky green tea popsicles with pieces of red beans in them. I had eaten one in Hong Kong and I really wish I could eat one right now. But because I suddenly decided to make them, I wasn't able to prepare any ingredients beforehand and I also didn't have any green tea powder at home. That's why I just had to settle with a milky red bean popsicle, using the ingredients that I could find in the kitchen. One of the things that always bother me is that there isn't enough red bean in most popsicles or ice cream and this time, I get to make them myself, so I was sure to put plenty in them. ^_^ Keep reading to find out the recipe and to see how they turned out.

Red bean popsicles made with HEMA ice lolly moulds

Red bean ice lolly/popsicle recipe

 Be aware that I didn't use up all of this mixture (more recipes will follow on my blog) and it can vary depending on the size of your mould.

- a can of condensed milk (I used one from the brand Friesche vlag)
- about 400 ml of milk (adjust this to get the sweetness that you prefer)
- a can of whipped cream
- one bag of red beans (400 grams)
- sugar

what to make with red bean? a milky red bean popsicle recipe

First, cook the red beans in a large pan with ample water. Add 100-200 grams of sugar. Cook them until most of the water disappeared and when you get the softness and sweetness that you prefer. I like them to have a slight chewiness, but you can also make them softer. Just be careful that they don't become a red bean paste. You still want to be able to see the individual pieces of red bean in the popsicle. When it's done, let it cool down a bit.

Mix the condensed milk, the milk, and some whipped cream (to make it taste airier and creamier). Lastly, slowly add the boiled red beans into the mixture.

Fill the mould and place it into the freezer for at least, half a day. 

They were really delicious!

bitten home-made red bean popsicle
 I don't know why, but the red bean on top looks so much like a raisin. ^_^

Update: these are two other recipes that you can use up the rest of the mixture for.

Hong Kong style red bean ice cube drink  (紅豆冰) 
Red bean milk pudding

Hong Kong style Red bean ice cube drink (紅豆冰)

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