L' Occitane hand and foot cream sample review

From the sample products in the L'Occitane Summer Essentials bag, I was the most curious about the tubes of hand and foot creams. So, I tried those out the first.  

L' Occitane 20% shea butter hand cream

The L'Occitane 20% shea butter hand cream has a light baby powder scent, which is not my favorite. It makes my hands feel a bit sticky and you can lightly feel that you have something on your skin. It takes about ten minutes before it is fully absorbed, so don't apply it, when you are in a hurry and need to touch a lot of things with your hands. I like to apply this hand cream in the evening, so that I don't transfer the stickiness to everything I touch.

After a couple of days (4-5 applications in total), the hand cream finally started to work and my hands felt noticeably softer. The amount of hand cream that I used per application was about the length of my pinky finger. I could apply about 7 times with this tiny sample tube of 10 ml.

L' Occitane hand and foot cream sample review

 L' Occitane 15% shea butter foot cream

The L'Occitane 15% shea butter foot cream has a herbal mint scent, which I like a lot more than the scent of the hand cream. I also noticed that the foot cream is a lot more watery, lotion like than the hand cream, which is almost as firm as tooth paste.

The foot cream got absorbed into the skin quite fast. It makes my feet feel velvety soft right after application. It feels very comfortable, as it isn't sticky, greasy, or heavy.

Because my feet are very dry, especially at the ankle (which is why I choose that area to photograph), I needed quite a lot of foot cream per application. I think I was only able to apply it 2-3 times. But the good thing is that after one application (preferably in the morning), my feet stayed moisturized the whole day like in the "after" picture. The following day, the dry patches will come back like in the "before" picture, so you need to apply the foot cream again. Because I didn't have enough foot cream to test for a longer period, I cannot really say anything about the long-term effects.

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