What I bought during The Body Shop Christmas 2015 sale

As my first blog post for 2016, I will start with sharing what I bought in The Body Shop Christmas sale. I went to The Body Shop store in Rotterdam on 28 December and they barely had any sale products left (in comparison to The Body Shop store in The Hague that I happened to visit on the same day, which still had a large variety!), but I still managed to buy a lot of things for a discounted price. There are some seasonal products, special editions, and gift sets. Keep reading to find out what I bought.

The Body Shop Christmas 2015 sale purchases paper bag

From the Christmas 2015 collection: 2 bottles of the Glazed Apple shower gels and 1 bottle of the Frosted Plum shower gel (250 ml, €3.50 each, before €7).

Limited editions: Virgin Mojito body splash (300 ml, €8.50, before €17) and Blueberry shower gel (250 ml, €3.50, before €7)

Christmas gift sets:  The Enchanted Forest shower gel set (4 x 60 ml, €7, before €10) and the Nutty hand cream trio (3 x 30 ml, €10.50, before €15).

The Body Shop Christmas 2015 sale haul purchases seasonals gift sets limited editions

These are the 4 mini shower gels that are inside the Enchanted Forest shower gel set. I also saw these small, travel sized shower gels sold individually in the store and they were €3 each, so I saved €5. 

I won't be reviewing these as I gifted the set together with a bottle of the glazed apple shower gel to my big brother. But I am sure you know how these smell like as they are standard scents that have been available in the stores for years. However, there might still be exceptions as my brother tried them for the first time. He is particularly fond of the satsuma shower gel (There is nothing wrong with a guy liking sweet and fruity scents ^_^).

The Body Shop mini shower gels moringa strawberry mango and satsuma

The Nutty hand cream trio set consists of three full-size hand creams (30 ml) with the scents: Moringa, Wild Argan Oil, and Shea. They are normally €5.50 each, so I saved €6. 

The Body Shop hand creams moringa wild argan oil shea

If you thought that I already saved a lot of money by buying these in the sale, I actually saved a lot more. At the ING bank Rentepuntenwinkel (only for Dutch residents and ING bank customers), you can purchase a €35 The Body Shop gift certificate for only €17.50 and some points. So, I brought home this big bag of The Body Shop goodies worth €63.15 (note: €0.15 for the paper bag) for just €22.65.

I almost forgot, but when you have a The Body Shop member card, you also get points for every purchase. You get 1 point for every euro you spend and 50 points = €5. I received 40 points in my account for my purchase, which equals €4. 

I wasn't able to get all these for free, like in those extreme couponing tv shows, but I got pretty close. ^_^

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