Alpro promotion: free mandarin tree

Lately, I have been drinking less milk and more milk replacements such as soy milk and almond milk, as I might be lactose intolerant or it just makes my stomach bloated and uncomfortable, so I try to avoid it whenever I can. The milk replacements I have been drinking a lot, are from the brand Alpro and they recently have a special promotion. You can currently collect promotion codes to exchange for a free fruit or herb plant. It is another thing that I could add to my list of freebies. Not all Alpro products are included in this promotion, so check if you see the special sticker on the front of the soy milk carton.

After buying 10 packs of soy milk, I finally had enough promotion codes to get a mandarin tree for my mom. It is a gift for Chinese New Year and it was delivered on time, but when I opened the box, I only saw this little plant. From the promotional pictures, I thought I would get a large plant with lots of mandarins, but I guess, I have to wait until next year's Chinese New Year. I hope it will become large and carrying many mandarins soon.

Alpro promised to deliver the mandarin tree within three weeks, but it arrived a lot earlier. The plant comes from the company Bakker Hillegom, which also has a large online store. I entered the promotional codes on Alpro's website on 31 January, the order was received by the garden company on 2 February, the box was was sent out on 9 February, and I received it on 10 February. The promotion is only until the end of the month, so you have to be fast. If you aren't one of the first 7.500 applicants, you will get a Bakker Hillegom gift certificate worth €7.50 instead, which is about the worth of the plants that you can pick from.

Talking about fruit plants, I remember that when I was little, I used to joke around with my boyfriend that if he married me, he would be guaranteed of a life-time supply of lychees, as my father had a large garden with lychee trees in Hong Kong, and he would say that he had a garden filled with mango trees in his home country, so he could feed me as many mango's as I wish. Now, I can soon add a life-time supply of mandarin to that as well, doesn't that make me the best marriage material? ^_^

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