HEMA Press day S/S 2016: Food

This year's HEMA Press day has less Food related product launches than last year, when I was able to write two individual blog posts about them (HEMA press day S/S 2015: Food & HEMA press day S/S 2015: Easter food). But I was still able to spot a lot of mouthwatering food, so keep reading to find out more!

HEMA easter cookies marshmallows cocktail sticks round container
Easter cookies and special Easter marshmallows
Easter figure cocktail sticks (20 for €1) in an Easter print paper round container (5 for €1.50)

HEMA easter meringue red bunny LED table light pink blue transparent forks
Three different kinds of Easter meringue
Red bunny LED table light, €2
(love the pink and blue forks!)

HEMA tarts with strawberries and orange chocolate curls
 Tarts with strawberries and orange chocolate curls

HEMA Easter 3-tier cupcake stand eclairs macarons tompouce
 Easter 3-tier cupcake stand (cardboard), €2.50
HEMA eclairs, macarons, and tompouce

 HEMA Spring and Easter cakes

HEMA strawberry pie
HEMA strawberry cake with chocoalte butterfly
 Strawberries, strawberries, and more strawberries...

HEMA Easter cake with chocolate flowers and a baby chick
 Easter cake with cute chocolate flowers and a baby chick in the middle

HEMA Easter pie with yellow chocolate curls and a chocolate bunnie
 Easter pie with a chocolate bunny in the middle

 HEMA breakfast items

It has started to become a trend in the Netherlands to just drink your breakfast with one hand, while you use your other hand to put on your coat, brush your hair, or even ride on your bike. Life can be hectic! 

For that purpose, HEMA will introduce two oatmeal smoothies in the flavors: mango-coconut and red fruit. It contains 100% natural ingredients and it is gluten-free. The oatmeal should made you feel full and the fruit is great for the vitamins.   

HEMA oatmeal smoothie mango-kokos en rood fruit

HEMA will also introduce two new pastes for bread (such as croissants): a caramel paste with sea salt and an extra dark chocolate paste. 

HEMA caramelpasta met zeezout en chocolade pasta extra puur

 Lastly, we have these flat egg cakes (in Dutch: eierkoeken) made with healthy spelt (a variety of grain) in it.

HEMA eierkoeken met spelt

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