HEMA Press day S/S 2016: Stationery

I often buy stationery at HEMA and on the HEMA Press day S/S 2016, I discovered many cute items that I have put on my wish list. As far as I know, there are 5 different themes: Girly and sweet pastel, Primary colors, Graphic print, Recycled paper, and Black-White.

Girly and sweet pastel

This range of stationery products has a mix of cute pastels with bright neon accents. There are colorful stripes, fishes, palm trees, flowers, lollipops, popcorn, donuts, and bottles. What's not to like?

HEMA girly and pastel stationery pencils mini markers pens notebooks erasers tickers

HEMA striped pastel colorful folder pencils with flower charm
Hema stationery bottle fish print sticky bookmarks pencil cases stickers notebooks

Primary colors

The main colors are red, blue, and yellow, but here are there, you can find some deviations such as green and orange. In the picture underneath (and the one below that), you can also see another version of the candle in glass + gift box and a different type of treat boxes - stripes and old school game figures reminiscent of pac man and bomberman - , similar to the ones I have shown before in the Gifts blog post.

HEMA primary colors stationery candle gift pen stickers pencil erasers folders

 Graphic print

Although there are differences in prints, the main colors are yellow, blue, purple, and black. It is not really my style, but the giant paper clips are pretty cool.

HEMA graphic print stationery yellow purple blue black

 Recycled paper

Not just for wrapping paper, HEMA also used the brown recycled paper theme for a part of their notebooks. It does look a bit boring at first glance, but with some creativity, some stickers and masking tape, you can easily personalize them and make them one of a kind.
 HEMA recycled paper note books


In the Home Decor blog post, you could already see the black-white theme, but this also extends itself to stationery. My favorite items are the wooden pegs with star, heart, and round shapes on top, the chalk marker (You can use it to write on the black chalkboard wrapping paper and you can remove the scribbles with a wet towel, €1), and the "Pretty notes in the making" notebook.  

HEMA black notebooks wooden pegs star heart round chalk marker portable power bank usb cable eraser

HEMA pretty notes in the making note book white black polkadot black towel white cross basket stickers wrapping paper

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