My 5 favorites from the new Kruidvat makeup collection

In 2020, Kruidvat launched their first own brand makeup collection and from this week onwards, it is expanded from the original 41 to 178 different products. This vegan makeup collection has a wide range of quality products, from classics to trendy items, for an affordable price. A selection of makeup products was sent to me to try out and the following 5 are my favorites. 

Kruidvat High Gloss Nail Colors nail polish 210 olive garden

Kruidvat High Gloss Nail Colors (10 ml, €3.49)

The first thing that caught my interest was of course, the nail polish. Initially, there was only 9 colors to choose from, but now, it has 24 colors. The color I got is the 210 olive garden and I don't have this color in my nail polish collection yet. I think the closest one would be this light olive nail polish from Etude House, but this nail polish is more like a dark moss green. I really like the color, even though I didn't pick it out myself. It looks very sophisticated and it makes me feel like a powerful business woman. 

The nail polish bottle is made of glass and on the large cap, there are dotted v-shapes, which gives you extra grip. The wide brush is very easy to use and applying one layer was already enough. The super glossy finish lasted at least 4 days on my nails and without any chipping too. The scent was not bad either. 

Kruidvat Blushing Beauty Lip & Cheek (6g, €4.99)

It is the first time, I heard of a lip and cheek stick. It almost has the same size as a glue stick and the tip is very wide. Although I don't feel like it is very hygienic to use something on your lips and swipe it over your cheek too, I can understand the convenience of only having to take one stick with you that can instantly provide you a rosy glow and juicy lips. I tried applying it on my lips and even though I thought it would turn out messy because of the wide tip, it didn't. The color 020 Charming Berry is a warm-toned berry pink. On the lips, it feels like a buildable sheer lip balm, and on the cheeks, it doesn't feel sticky or heavy at all. As a blush, it spreads out easily and it looks very natural. I didn't really notice it on the lips, but the tiny shimmers are visible on the cheeks. This is also available in the colors: 010 Soft Peony and 030 Cherry Darling.

Kruidvat Blushing Beauty Lip & Cheek 020 charming berry Kruidvat Show Off Colors velvet matte lip pencil 040 cute pink

Kruidvat Show Off Colors velvet matte lip pencil (€3.99)

I really like the matte lip trend, but it is always a struggle to find a good product for my dry lips. My favorite up to now is the eSpoir lip stain whip mousse. The Kruidvat Show Off Colors velvet matte lip pencil is a lipstick and lip liner in one (note: it requires a pencil sharpener) and there are 6 different colors: 010 Classy Nude, 020 Lovely Bare, 030 Very Berry, 040 Cute Pink, 050 Red Addict, and 060 Powerful Cassis. On my lips, you can see the color 040 Cute Pink. I like the warm toned pink, which looks very natural and not too outspoken. Application was easy, as it is very creamy, but not that soft that it would break and crumble off. It doesn't feel really dry on my lips, but when I move my lips, you do see some dry lines forming on my lips.

Kruidvat Dreamy Glow gel-cream blush (15 ml, €3.99)

The Kruidvat Dreamy Glow gel-cream blush - 020 delicate rouge comes in a paint like tube and it has a beautiful, glossy pink gradient packaging. The gel-cream blush is very watery and you can easily squeeze a lot out at once. It is best to place the tube directly on the skin of the back of your hand and squeeze a little out to spread out on your cheek with your finger. On the cheeks, it looks very natural and you can build up the color to your liking. This is also available in the colors: 010 Delicate apricot and 030 Delicate Honey. 

Kruidvat Dreamy Glow gel-cream blush 020 delicate rouge  Kruidvat Go Magic Eye Crayon 3-in-1 waterproof 030 copper love

Kruidvat Go Magic Eye Crayon 3-in-1 waterproof (€3.79)

This can be used as eyeshadow and eyeliner, and for contour and it lasts up to 8 hours. It is available in 5 colors: 010 Pink champagne, 020 Crystal Lights, 030 Copper Love, 040 Smokey Quartz, and 050 Forest Moss. Even though it is called Copper Love, it looks more pink than orange toned on my eyes. It looks somewhat similar to eyeliners I already have (for example from Peripera and Clio), but it is still really beautiful. I don't know if I got a defective one or if it is supposed to be this way, but I can't seem to twist it up. If it has some kind of click or push system that I am not aware of, please let me know. 

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