Tested: 4 new juices

Ekoplaza appelsap mama nature appelsap troebel fair pink grapefruitsap fair sinaasappel mango sap

I happened to find some interesting new juices at the Aldi supermarket and a biological supermarket and I will shortly give you my opinion about them.

Ekoplaza apple juice (biological supermarket): nice cloudy apple juice which is not too sweet or too sour, a bit expensive, but it didn't beat the cloudy apple juice from the HEMA.

Mama Nature cloudy apple juice (Aldi supermarket): cloudy apple juice with a bit of an orange glow, not bad, but a little bit too sour.

Fair pink grapefruit juice (Aldi supermarket): it has a nice pink grapefruit flavor, but a slightly bitter end taste.

Fair orange-mango juice (Aldi supermarket): orange and mango has become my favorite juice combination since I tried the one from Coolbest, but this one doesn't even come close. It does have a good orange juice flavor, but the mango flavor is barely there. You only taste a slight hint of bitterness from the mango as an end taste. 

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