Review: il miogusto melonsecco

On my mother's birthday, which happened to fall on the same day as Father's day this year, I had a special shopping day with my mom. She doesn't buy a lot of things for herself, so I thought it was nice to pamper her a bit. In the end, I think I bought more stuff for myself than for her. She just hates splurging on things and she cannot help but stay her frugal self. I think she liked the freebies she got on her birthday the most, such as the free medium bag of fries at Bram Ladage including sauce that we shared during lunch time. On the other hand, I might have to thank her for being like this, as my dad doesn't think at all before spending and we might not have it as good as now.  

ilmiogusto melonsecco alcoholic drink fizzling pink

While we were in the the Markthal, we found a tasting stand at the World of drinks liquor store and there were samples of the il miogusto Amarenissima. I had a sip and I really liked the sweet cherry flavor. But I saw that they also had one with a watermelon flavor (my favorite fruit in the summer!). That's why, I bought a bottle of il miogusto melonsecco (€11.99, 750 ml). It is a bit expensive, but it was such a festive day that I thought it was okay. It was a bit of a gamble to see if the watermelon flavored one would be as good as the cherry flavored one that we got to taste, but we got lucky! The il miogusto melonsecco was very delicious. It has a not too sweet watermelon flavor, which was also not too artificial. The alcohol flavor (6,9%) was also not too sharp or bitter. Even though it might be a bit strange for a bubbly drink, I find it more tasty after airing it for a while and when the bubbles have fell flat. It is best served chilled at 5-7°C, so let the bottle stay in an ice bucket to keep it cold.

As birthday and Father day's cake, we had the red velvet cake from the Aldi supermarket. Always a good choice, when you need a delicious cake at the last-minute. We spend the rest of the day watching soccer at home (my dad's idea!), drinking the melonsecco, having some cake, and ending with a big home-made dinner in the evening.

aldi red velvet cake

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