Vichy Minéral 89 review

In April, I received a sample bottle of the Vichy Minéral 89 and I was one of the first to try it, before it was available in stores around mid-May. The bottle that you can see in the picture (together with my gorgeous red nails, lacquered with the Pa Nail Color A81) is not the same as the official bottle that you can find in stores. For a sample bottle, it is quite beautifully made. It has a heavy glass bottle and a sturdy plastic pump dispenser on top. There is 30 ml of serum in it, but a little goes a long way, as you only need 2 small pumps per day.

I felt really honored to be chosen as one of the exclusive few who got selected in the test panel, but a lot of things happened, so the review got postponed to today.   

vichy minéral 89 review skincare serum

What do I think?

The Vichy Minéral 89 is a fortifying and plumping daily booster, which gives you a strong and healthy looking skin. It is the first step in the skincare routine, after cleansing, and suitable for both men and women of every age. The number 89 comes from the fact that it contains 89% of natural mineral water from Vichy, combined with highly concentrated hyaluronic acid. It only has 11 ingredients and it also has no perfumes, colorings, silicone, paraben, or alcohol in it.

It is perfect for my sensitive and difficult skin. I have to admit that at my age, I still haven't found the perfect skincare routine yet, which doesn't break me out or loses their effect over time. But I have made a good start, as I really like this serum. You only need a little bit, it has no scent, it didn't irritate my skin, and it is not sticky. It pumps out like a soft gel and spreads out and gets absorbed in the skin like water. Two pumps was enough to spread out on my face and massage onto my neck too (an important step, you should not forget!).

The first few days, it didn't seem to do much, besides making my small hidden-under-the-skin pimples get really large. I don't know if it is because the pimples are absorbing a lot of water or that the hyaluronic acid is making the pimples ripe faster, so that it can go away sooner, and clear the skin. Pimples on my face and the black heads on my nose did become easier to remove and cleanse.

Right from the start, my skin started to look clearer and glowed. However, my skin didn't feel soft on the first few days. It was on the dry side. Only after applying it for a week or so, did my skin become noticeably softer. I tried this serum without any other skincare products, as I haven't found the best skin cream for me yet and I wanted to know how it performs on its own, but it is supposed to make the other skin care products work better. I have yet to test that.

Prices may vary per store, but I think a bottle of 50 ml is around €20.  

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