Dim Sum at Tim Ho Wan, North Point

Michelin star dim sum restaurant, Tim Ho Wan (添好運), was within walking distance from the Grand View hotel that I was staying in, so I had to pay it a visit.  

tim ho wan handmade dim sum specialty store north point

The interior is really simple and without frills. On the table, you can find a paper placemat in front of you with pictures of some of their most popular dim sum dishes with the Chinese and English names.

Tim Ho Wan handmade dim sum North Point paper placemat

The first thing that you must order is their famous cha siu bao (酥皮焗叉燒包), which have a Hong Kong pineapple bun like crust and a browned bottom.

Tim Ho Wan famous cha siu bao

Inside the fluffy bun, is a sweet hoi sin sauce cha siu filling.

Tim Ho Wan cha siu bao filling

I also had to order the classics, my favorite ha kau (蝦餃) and siu mai (燒賣).

Tim Ho Wan ha kau shrimp dumplings
Tim Ho Wan siu mai pork dumplings

What I also order a lot when I have dim sum, is the sin chok kuen (鮮竹卷). They are steamed, dried tofu skin rolls with a pork, mushroom, carrot, and bamboo shoots filling. 

Tim Ho Wan fu pei kuen

These dim sum are fun guo (潮州粉果), a transparent skin dim sum with a ground pork, shrimp, peanuts, and chives filling from the Chiu Chow area in China.

Tim Ho Wan North Point fun guo

After having the tasty beef balls at Full Moon city restaurant in The Hague, it has become part of my must-order dim sum list. Here, they have beef balls flavored with dried mandarin peel (陳皮牛肉球).

Tim Ho Wan beef balls

I also wanted to try one of their rice bowls with toppings, so I ordered the fried egg, beef patty rice bowl (窩蛋牛肉飯). There was also a dim sum that I have never heard of before, but it sounded sounded delicious, so I ordered it. They are transparent skin dim sum with shrimp and baby vegetable filling (鮮蝦菜苗餃).

Tim Ho Wan beef rice shrimp vegetable dumplings

I also wanted to try one of their rice rolls, so I choose the shrimp rice rolls (鮮蝦腸).

Tim Ho Wan shrimp rice rolls

I really like glutinous rice and old style lo mai gai (古法糯米雞) sounded interesting, so I ordered it. But I wish I didn't, as it was huge (enough rice for four people!) and the sauce and chicken pieces didn't taste very good. 

Tim Ho Wan lo mai gai

Lastly, there were the ham sui gok (咸水角) and the turnip cake (蘿蔔糕). I just love anything that has a crispy crust. The ham sui gok were crispy and they had a nice savory pork filling. The turnip cake was a bit disappointing (my mom makes really good ones at home). The crust wasn't crispy enough and I only tasted the white radish - a very sweet one though - and nothing more.

Tim Ho Wan ham sui gok turnip cake

What do I think? In total, it costed me only HK$359 for four people and I ordered double of certain dim sum too. It was really affordable and the portions were huge. I underestimated how full you can get from dim sum, so I ticked more than we could handle. We walked back to the hotel holding our bellies. Although the size of the dim sum were large, they didn't skimp on the quality. The fillings tasted really fresh and flavorful. If you don't care much about service and ambiance, this is a good place to have dim sum for a low price.       

Tim Ho Wan, North Point
2-8 Wharf Road, Shop B, C, & D, G/F, Seaview Building
Opening hours: 10:00 - 21:30
Only accept cash, no HK$1000 bills (we learned this the hard way) 

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