Review: Models Own All about the look gift set

After loving the Models Own nail polishes that I got in London, I stumbled upon the Models Own All about the look gift set in the TK Maxx store in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I normally don't really find something I like at that store, but sometimes, I manage to find something that I completely like and with a nice discounted price. Last time, I found a beautiful pair of winter boots and now, a pretty makeup gift set for only €12.99 (retail price: €36). It is not that common for me to find a makeup giftset, in which I love most of the products. There were many times, I had to put things back, just because I didn't like the shade of many of the lipsticks or eyeshadows. 

Firstly, I really like the sturdy box (it also has a transparent, plastic lid, but I removed it due to the reflection, which doesn't look as good in the picture) and the packaging of the beauty products in the set. The metalic casing can feel a little bit too thin or too light, but it is hard and durable. The products also close off well. It is rare to see a nail polish without a clear bottle, showing the color and texture inside, but the nail polish bottles look really sleek and futuristic. 

Models Own all about the look gift set kit lipsticks nail polishes eye shadows makeup

Models Own nail polishes NP239 Chrome silver and NP236 Chrome rose

I was really curious about the nail polishes (the only product from this brand that I had experience with before, they sound amazing based on the names, and they don't need to be unused when I take pictures for my blog), so I tried those first. The Chrome silver looks almost like a mirror on the nails and the Chrome rose was a beautiful rose gold color. Emphasis on "was", because somehow it turned into a pretty warm chocolate brown color with shimmers over time (as shown in the picture, which was taken a long time after buying it). At first, the two nail polishes look a bit matte, but it turns more reflective when it dries.     

Models Own nail polish metallic bottle NP239 Chrome Silver NP236 Chrome rose

Models Own CES01 Old Gold and CES02 Copper pot cream eyeshadow

From the outside, they looked like a somewhat ordinary brown and orange eye polish, but the names sounded promising. It could have ended up badly, but I was pleasantly surprised. The eyeshadow was very pigmented and just by using my fingers, I could apply them on my eyelids without problems. They don't feel heavy and they were very longlasting. I couldn't even wash it off my finger with only water. The Old Gold eyeshadow has a light yellow, gold color with a slight dark shadow as a base. The Copper pot eyeshadow had a warm orange color with mainly gold shimmers.   

Models Own cream eyeshadow CES01 Old Gold CES02 Copper pot

Models Own L10 Satin red and L11 Satin Pink lipsticks

I really like that the color of the lipstick can be seen at the bottom of the lipstick. It makes it easier to find the right lipstick in your toiletry bag. I knew I would like the red lipstick, but the pink could be the wrong shade for me. From the color on the bottom, I could tell that it is at least a warm pink instead of a cold pink, which makes me look sickly. In the end, I liked them both. The Satin Red lipstick has a beautiful rose red color and the Satin Pink is a warm neon pink color, which could be a bit tricky to pull off, but it looks okay on me. The lipstick didn't feel heavy on the lips and even with my dry lips, it looked moist. 

Models Own L10 Satin Red and L11 Satin Pink lipsticks shown on lips




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