Veluwse rookworst from the Albert Heijn supermarket

A few weeks ago, I happened to find the Veluwse rookworst (translation: traditional Dutch smoked sausage from the Veluwe region in the Netherlands) on sale at the Albert Heijn supermarket for only €1. I think they had too much left and it was a few days before expiration date. I have never tried it before, but for that price, I didn't mind buying one of each kind, the coarse and the fine smoked sausage, to find out if I like them. I shortly boiled them in a pot with off the boil hot water and afterwards, I cut them in slices. The fine smoked sausage has a smooth filling and a crispy skin. It wasn't too salty and the smoked flavor wasn't too strong. The coarse smoked sausage was the same, except that the filling has chunks of fat in it. It reminded me a bit of the cured, sweet sausages from Hong Kong. Because of the fat, the smoked sausage was also more juicy and soft. I can't say that I like one over the other, both each have their merits. So, just buy both like I did. They are great to serve on a cured meat and cheese platter or as tapas too. This week, I saw that they are 10% off at the Albert Heijn supermarket. It is not as big of a discount I got, but the smoked sausages are worth paying a premium price for. 

Albert Heijn veluwse rookworst grof en fijn

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