essie nail polishes with a Winter Wonderland theme

Because of the cold winter weather, I have been wearing my essie nail polishes with a Winter Wonderland theme more often: 252 - maximillian strasse her, 310 - truth or flare, and 301- jazzy jubilant. When I bought these nail polishes, I intended to create a pretty, gradient winter themed nail art with them. But I never got to it, so I just wore them on my nails normally. The essie nail polishes have a wide brush and a slightly curved tip, which made application an easy job. The scent is slightly sweet and it doesn't bother me that much. I don't know if it is because they are from a long time ago, but the first and second layer of nail polish was uneven and clumpy. However, the third layer seemed to magically have fixed it all. 

Essie 252 - maximillian strasse her is a light green nail polish with a grey tone in it. It looked like an icy blue-grey in the bottle, but on the nails, the color looks warmer and greener. 

Essie nail polish 252 - maximillian strasse her on nails hands swatch

Essie 310 - truth or flare is a beautiful, warm toned, light blue nail polish. I like how the warm tone makes my hands look better.

essie nsil polish 310 truth or flare warm light blue nail polish swatch hand

Essie 301 - jazzy jubilant is a glitter top coat nail polish with large silver and metallic blue glitters, and tiny gold glitters. I like wearing it over bare nails too. It adds some sparkle to mundane, daily life. 

Essie 301 jazzy jubilant nail polish swatch hand glitter blue metallic silver gold

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