Carpisa purchases

As I have mentioned in my Milan and Venice posts, I have bought some things at a Carpisa store. There is one near the Duomo and one on the Corso Buenos Aires. For myself, I bought a jewellery case and a champagne white bowling bag. For my mother, I have bought a black faux leather bag with many compartments, to take to work. The products have really good quality considering their price.

Update: I noticed that people were wondering how much the items cost, but I threw away the receipt. If I remember correctly, the jewellery case was about 15 euros, the bags were either 15 euros or 20 euros.

The Carpisa jewellery case with taupe and white circle pattern

This is how it looks like when it is closed. The handle lies completely flat on the case and it doesn't take up extra space in the luggage. You can lock the jewellery case with a small key, but it doesn't close it up very securely, so I don't use it. I think I even lost the key. ^_^

Carpisa jewelry case with taupe and white circle print

When opened, the first thing you see is the small mirror that is wrapped with the same material as the exterior of the jewelry case. The size of the mirror is exactly right, you can see your whole face in it from an acceptable distance and it is perfect to see how a pair of earrings or a necklace looks on you. The top layer can be taken out and the area on the right can be used for rings or small studs.

After taking out the top layer, you can see the bottom layer, which has three separate compartments.

Surprisingly, the top layer can be folded into a separate jewelry case that can be closed with the snap button.

The black, faux leather Carpisa bag

I saw this bag in the Carpisa store and I really loved the simple and practical design. The faux leather is really soft and it doesn't have a bad smell. The bag is large enough to put a lot of things in there (slightly larger than A4 size paper). It also came in trendy colors like lilac, green, brown, dark purple, and pink, but I chose for the black one, since I don't know what color my mom would want and black would be the safest bet. In the bottom right corner of the bag, you can also find a small silver Carpisa logo that has the shape of a turtle.

Carpisa black faux leather bag

A lot of compartments in the bag.

The interior fabric is nicer than the white bag. It is soft to the touch and it doesn't make crackly noises when touched.

Carpisa champagne white, faux crocodile leather bowling bag

This bag looked really pretty in the store. The subtle gold sheen on the white bag really caught my eye. I also thought that the shape was quite interesting.

Carpisa champagne white bowling bag

The shimmer is not too loud or tacky. Very pretty color of white with a golden finish.

The interior fabric makes a bit of a crackly sound, but very nicely sewn.

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