My first Gmarket order

One of the things that I have always wanted to do, is to own a cute planner to record all the things that happen on a daily basis, decorate it with stickers, draw funny doodles in it, and to stick movie/train/flight/entry tickets on the pages. It would also "force" me to go out and experience new and exciting things for me to have something to write about. Because the ones that can be found in the stores here in the Netherlands aren't really cute enough, I ordered one from Gmarket, a Korean website similar to Ebay. The good thing is that they collect all the packages for you and send them out to your country in one big box without extra service costs. What happens is; the sellers living in Korea send the packages with the things that you ordered to a warehouse in Korea, where everything will be collected in one box. After all your things have arrived, they send it all in one big box to your country. This can save you on shipping costs, when you want to buy things from many different sellers.

Korean planner

This is the planner that I have decided on. It comes in brown and pink, but I chose pink because it looks more bright and happy. What I like about it, is that not one page look the same; each page has different themes, illustrations and colors. It also comes with a sturdy plastic cover, a pink, elastic band to hold everything together when the planner gets too full, two sticker sheets, and a book sheet. When I received the package, I was really happy to see that I got a complimentary sticker set of 24 sheets too.
Korean Mini Mate diary S2 from Cookyshop
Left: the planner in a cute carton box and right: the sticker set.
Diary/notebook stickers
The sticker sheets in the sticker set

I bought this planner (QA173 in pink) from this seller : 스타일지존2.

Because the shipping costs from Korea to the Netherlands with the EMS is very high, it would be wise to buy more things at once. It really isn't because I am a shopaholic. ^_^

Korean stickers

For my new planner, I needed some stickers to decorate the pages. Somehow, I ended up spending about 30,000 won on stickers. The stickers are all very cute. The gift was a little bit disappointing, since it was just three pens. But the pens have a really cute cat print and the fine tip is really useful for writing in the smaller spaces in my planner.

Korean stickers

I bought the stickers from this seller : soboro(소보로) 

Colorful markers

From reading what other bloggers bought, I found these really colorful white board markers. It is rare to see these colors, because in my country they mostly only come in plain red, blue, green and black. It is also really easy to erase the writing from my board, without pressing the eraser really hard and without leaving traces. 

rainbow colored white board markers

I bought these markers from this seller: 팜투유

Etude House purchases

Many bloggers seem to like the Etude house products, so I bought some too. For some reason, I bought more things than I needed just to get the gift. I really like getting gifts with purchases. ^_^  The really pretty pink pouch is a gift after spending more than 30,000 won.

Etude House pouch
Etude House purchases

I bought these from this seller: 에뛰드하우스 직영샵 aka etudegmark. 

Korean skincare samples

To try out new skin care, you can also buy samples at Gmarket. From two different sellers, I bought Laneige water sleeping pack samples, Baviphat Apple AC therapy sleeping pack samples, and Etude house collagen moistfull cream samples.


Because I like to wear hoodies to laze around at home, I looked around for some hoodies too. I bought a hoodie and a t-shirt from the seller named "floating". Although the clothes were made of a nice and soft cotton, the fabric is really thin. It would not be suitable for the cold winters here in the Netherlands, but I can still wear them when it is warmer. It is still a bargain for what I paid for them.

Earrings (1)

I also really like collecting earrings, so I checked out the earrings that were available at Gmarket too. In total, I bought from 3 sellers. I will start with the order I am most satisfied about. I bought 5 pairs of earrings and got a pink hairband and two hair ties in black and pink for free. The items were true to picture and good quality for the low prices. The seller also sent the package out to the warehouse within a few hours after ordering. That was really fast!

Korean earrings from Gmarket Korean earrings from Gmarket

I bought these earrings from this seller: 캣츠워크

Then, there are the two less satisfactory orders. A separate post on things that went wrong with this order in more detail can be found here

Earrings (2)

Korean earrings from Gmarket

I have bought three pairs of earrings, which were the most expensive earrings I bought this time from Gmarket. But the quality was not as good as those from the aforementioned seller. The pair of earrings in the right was missing a large crystal just like the green one hanging on the right piece of earring. The middle pair of earrings in the shape of bows had crystals on it with a weird colorful coating that looked a bit cheap. I am thinking that it is made of glass and the coating is put on it to make it look like crystals.The Eiffel tower earrings were alright. The GWP (gift with purchase) was the gold colored bow hair clip, a black hair-tie, one piece of lemon candy (the candy in yellow packaging) and a really good pair of pearl earrings. Is it weird that I like the pair of earrings that I got for free more than the ones I paid for in this order?

I bought these earrings from this seller: 라비즈

Earrings (3)

Korean earrings from Gmarket

I ordered four pairs of earrings. The two pairs above with butterflies and ribbon shapes were really satisfactory, but the two pairs underneath with crown shapes were less pretty. The one on the left had strange sparkly crystals and the one on the right had a very strange color of gold (by the way, this pair was not the one I ordered, as it was a replacement for the one that was out of stock). Although from far away, it is not that noticeable.

For not sending me the pair of earrings that I wanted, the seller threw in some free goodies. I should have only gotten the earring stoppers and the blue and purple hair-ties, but I also got a pair of purple bead earrings and the Anna Sui style compact mirror for which I should have spend more than 30,000 won to get.

I got these earrings from this seller: 보떼쥬얼리 aka Style on Botte

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