Review: Clarins lip comfort oil - honey, red berry, and intense pink

The Clarins diamond box - summer edition included a kit with the Clarins lip comfort oil in the shades 01 - honey and 03 - red berry in mini sizes of 2.8 ml each. I also chose a miniature sized Clarins lip comfort oil intense in the shade 05 - intense pink as one of the samples with my purchase. I was really curious about them, but I never really found the time and opportunity to try them out. 

The Clarins lip comfort oils apply smoothly and it stays on the lips similar to a semi-sticky lipgloss. When I don't move my lips, I barely notice it there, but when my lips touch each other, it feels a bit sticky. I recommend applying a thick layer (applying 2-3 times is fine) and re-applying every few hours, as it is not too long-lasting. I normally get dry lips a lot and it does feel like it kept my lips soft. The wide and flat, paddle like, highly flexible applicator makes application on the go and without mirror a breeze and it can scoop out enough for the whole lips at once. Note: the full sized versions have a different applicator.     

Clarins lip comfort oil - 01 Honey

It has a sweet vanilla scent, which is not too strong, and it tastes a bit like vaseline at the start. For me, it works like a transparent lip gloss, as the yellow glow doesn't bring out the natural pink color of my pigmented lips enough. It has tiny golden shimmers that is more visible during the night. If you feel it is a bit too plain, you can try the shade 07 - honey glam with gold glitters.  

Clarins lip comfort oil - 03 Red berry 

It has a sweet blackcurrent scent with a slight sour note and it is tasteless. The scent is the most noticeable during application, but I was surprised to smell it every once in a while, when my lips move. On the applicator, it looks like a red with a purple undertone, but on the lips, it looks like a natural red color. It is red enough for my pigmented lips, even though it doesn't stain like a lip tint.    

Clarins lip comfort oil red berry 03 review lip swatch

Clarins lip comfort oil intense - 05 Intense pink

It has a sweet grape scent and it is tasteless. It applies smoothly and it feels less sticky than the normal Clarins lip comfort oils. The lip color is as the name suggests very intense and glossy. It is similar to a liquid lipstick, but I like how it doesn't feel heavy and the layer looks very thin on the lips. The lip color also doesn't bleed (you don't really need a lip liner) and it stays where it is supposed to be. I tried applying a thin coat to make the color more subtle, but it looks like I was poisoned due to the purple color. For me, the dark purple color (it is similar to the color on the bottle and the applicator, but I couldn't capture it in the picture of the lips, even after trying many times) is too much for my daily life, more suitable for a special day out.  



Clarins lip comfort oil intense 05 intense pink

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