Bento Express in Hong Kong

Because there was a Bento Express store, right outside of the serviced apartment I lived in during my internship in Hong Kong, I was a frequent customer there. The one I visited was located in Wan Chai, but I recently saw that they have closed. The store on Nathan road in Mong Kok is still open. A meal from Bento Express costs around HK$22-32. You get throwaway chopsticks or a spoon with your meal, so it is suitable for an outdoor meal or to take back to eat at the office or hotel room too.

The Mong Kok store seemed to have closed too. The easiest to find locations might be the in-store Bento Express locations in the Tsing Yi metro station and in the ONE shopping mall (100 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui).

Here are some pictures of the food that I bought at the Bento Express.

Udon with vinegar, sushi, and fried chicken bits for HK$32. 

Sushi set for HK$33

Chirashi (salmon, tuna, omelet, and cucumber blocks and orange fish roe over rice) and soba noodles with vinegar, and some fried chicken.

Full-size chirashi for HK$28

Close-up of the chiraishi.

Full-size potato fruit salad with duck breast slices on top. Normally HK$22, but after 17:00 discounted to HK$18.

 My favorite food from Bento Express

I strongly recommend the sushi sets, the udon and soba noodles sets, the potato fruit salad with sliced duck breast, and the chirashi (raw fish cubes over rice). The sushi are comparable to those of Genki sushi, really fresh and delicious. I did not expect this from store-bought sushi. Even the sushi I bought at supermarkets like Taste, Welcome and City super were not as good. The udon and soba noodles are very chewy and the cold cup of vinegar dressing makes the meal very refreshing and suitable for in the summer. The potato fruit salad is really refreshing and not too heavy on the stomach. It is a mix of blocks of potato, pineapple and another fruit, together with fish roe and mayonnaise. The slices of duck breast are very tender and full of flavor. The chiraishi, I bought there has made me a instant fan of the dish. I have never ordered this dish before, since I thought fresh fish should be used for sushi or shashimi instead of ruining it by slicing it in small pieces. However, the small chunks of raw fish mixed with the sticky Japanese rice is a very good combination. It tasted better than I thought. The roasted chicken wings that they also have, were a bit lacking in taste. Maybe they expect you to dip it in soy sauce yourself to suit your own taste?

 Grilled chicken wings, HK$18 for 2.

Roasted pork on top of white rice and as side-dishes, fried chicken chunks (very dry), and a vegetable salad.

For HK$26, you get white rice and you can pick two of the four dishes that periodically change to fill your own bento. I choose the fried salmon chunks and the stir-fried vegetable mix. This is a warm dish.

Fried scrimp, soba noodles and vinegar, and a potato fruit salad with slices of duck breast.

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