Marks & Spencer carrot and passion fruit cakes

This summer has been great in terms of discovering delicious sweets and desserts. I have searched for good food in Leiden, The Hague, Delft, and Amsterdam, and in Rotterdam, there was the iced chocolate drink from the Chocolate Company CafĂ© and my many visits to local ice cream parlors such as De IJssalon and Capri IJs. Not to mention, my frequent visits to the Marks & Spencer stores in Amsterdam and The Hague. 

From one of my visits, I bought two round cakes: the carrot cake and the new passion fruit cake from the Spirit of Summer 2017 product range. I had a slice of both, while sipping from a nice cup of matcha green tea.

Marks & Spencer carrot and passion fruit cakes matcha green tea

Marks & Spencer carrot cake

Marks & Spencer carrot cake

Lightly spiced carrot cake with juicy raisins, crushed pineapple, coconut, and walnuts, topped with cream cheese frosting and finished with a light dusting of cinnamon.

Personally, I never really like spiced cakes. It is always a bit on the dry side and the flavor is a bit boring. But this carrot cake was quite nice. I liked the hint of cinnamon on the frosting and the creamy frosting made the cake less dry. There was also enough different flavors and textures in the cake to keep it interesting. It is one of the best carrot cakes that I have tried. 

Marks & Spencer carrot cake slice

Marks & Spencer passion fruit cake

Marks and Spencer passion fruit cake

Light and moist vanilla flavoured sponge with tasty passion fruit jam and a passion fruit buttercream frosting. 

I definitely prefer a light sponge cake over spiced cakes, but sadly, this passion fruit cake was a bit too sweet for me. I think it was mainly because my slice has both a generous amount of passion fruit jam and passion fruit buttercream, but it could still be less sweet overall. Otherwise, it is a pretty good cake. The passion fruit flavor can be tasted throughout the cake and the sponge was soft and airy. 

Marks & Spencer passion fruit cake slice

Weight gain

Before people who saw my articles about the Marks & Spencer chocolate eclairs and Portugese egg tarts, the chocolate cheesecake and lemon cheesecake, the lemon and orange cookies and also, today's article, tell me, "No wonder that you are fat", I can assure you that I always make sure that I don't go over my daily quota and I watch out for over-eating.

During my teenage years, I used to have some issues with eating. I would starve myself as a way to punish myself (It is basically a way of killing myself slowly), sometimes, I would feel so much pain that I want to die, but then, the body betrays you by getting hungry, and sometimes, I would over-eat, because I starved myself for too long or to comfort myself because nobody else would. I was really into exercising and counting calories. I wanted to be as muscular as I could, so that I would be strong enough to protect myself, when nobody helped me and everyone just watched and laughed. After my mental breakdown and burnout a few years ago, I decided to just cut myself some slack. I exercised less and I wasn't as strict to myself as before. I have to say that those nice and relaxed days have done good things to me. I am feeling better now and I am doing my best at picking myself back up.

After taking some time away from people and taking a step back (reducing stress to zero), I have learned that life isn't about being the strongest, the most powerful, or the richest, but it is about finding meaning in life and staying a good person, even when everyone around you do everything they can to ruin your life for no good reason and make up stories about you that is so far from the truth that it is funny, when everyone is so quick to jump to conclusions and interpret things the way they want, and when people who are supposed to love and protect you, don't. Life isn't perfect or fair. You can only be true to yourself and do your best to survive.

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