Cleaning up my room

It has been a while, since I have thoroughly cleaned my room up and put everything away neatly. I always seem to create a lot of clutter and once a year, I go through everything in my room and clear everything out (It really is a task that takes up one whole day!). The stack of magazines that I have collected is already reaching towering heights. Not to mention, the clothes on my closet shelves that have turned into one big unrecognizable ball. These are signs that cleaning up has been long overdue. ^_^

Yesterday, the earring case I ordered from Gmarket was delivered (written a blog post about it here) and it also came with a complimentary lipstick case. So, I thought it was good idea to put them to use right away.

Acrylic jewelry case

acrylic earrings jewelry case

When I first saw this acrylic case, I planned to store the stud earrings on the first row and the longer dangling earrings on the second row in the back. But I found out that this jewelry case isn't very suitable for earrings with plastic stoppers in the back. It was really difficult to place my finger in the small space between the first row and the second row and to push the plastic stopper against the back of the earring again. Or maybe my fingers are just too fat. ^_^ It also seems to be a waste of space to store my small stud earrings on the second row, which does have a large space behind the wall.

In the end, I just used the earring case to store the earrings with fish hooks. The earrings that I previously bought from Gmarket are stored in the little drawer at the bottom of the case. The good thing about this case is that the earring walls are covered by a transparent door, so that you can directly see what kind of earrings are stored in there and it is protected against dust.

acrylic earring case

Acrylic lipstick case

The lipstick case is very sturdy too. I bet you can tell that I am more of a lip gloss girl than a lipstick girl.

acrylic lipstick case

the Body Shop body butter jars

A while ago, I got a gift set with three mini body butters of the Body Shop for my birthday. I also had a bigger jar of the Raspberry body butter. After emptying them, I had not thrown the jars away as I thought they could be useful for something else. While cleaning my room, I found these empty jars and I thought it would be nice to use them to store small miniatures/samples of make-up and skin care. The bright, colorful jars give my room a more playful feel. The "fruit basket" filled with all my hand creams looks very good too.

the bodyshop raspberry body butter jar used as storage
The big raspberry body butter jar
the bodyshop mini body butter jars used as storage
The 50 ml mini jars of strawberry, orange and pink grapefruit body butter.
the bodyshop body butter wicker case used as storage
The basket the mini body butters were in.

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