Directions to Living plaza in Hong Kong

When you are in Hong Kong, you should definitely pay a visit to the Living plaza by AEON (formerly known as Jusco $10 plazas). Here, you can find the one closest to where you are staying. It is like the 1 dollar, 1 euro, or 100 yen stores, where you can find a variety of products for one fixed price. The product range is very diverse: household goods, cookware, cosmetics, stationary, food, drinks, toys, bags, tools, and so on. It is the perfect place to get relatively good quality souvenirs for a low price.

 Update: Back then, everything was HK$10, but now the prices have become HK$12.

Things that I recommend to get at Living plaza

  • The Japanese charcoal skincare line products are a must buy. Personally, I have bought a cleansing cream and a face wash.

Living plaza (jusco) charcoal skincare products
  • Because I like Japanese plates, bowls, and tea cups, I have bought a whole set in pink sakura theme. Each piece costs HK$10, so in total, I have only spend HK$40 for this whole set. When you look at the details, you would have guessed it to cost a lot more. There are also other bowls and cups in this product range, so you can choose to buy more and create a bigger set for gift giving. Or you can just buy one piece, since you are not required to buy a whole set.

Pink sakura dish set from Jusco Hong Kong

I have also found a cute pig bowl with a tail in the back. It was too cute not to buy. They also have a lot of bento supplies, so I stocked up on them too. All have cost me HK$10 each.

                            Pig bowl from Jusco Hong Kong

  • The Living plaza stores also sell a lot of Japanese candies and drinks. Most stores also have premium products that cost a bit more. They can be clearly recognized by a big round sticker with the price on it. The quality of the goods are really good, so you always end up buying something from there.

Directions to the Living plaza stores in Hong Kong

The stores I have visited are the one in Wanchai and the one in Causeway Bay. These stores and the one in Mongkok are most likely the easiest for tourists to locate and more convenient to travel to. I have selected and provided the directions to some of the Living plaza stores on the Hong Kong Island side as well as in the area of Kowloon/New Territories.

When you are staying on Hong Kong Island

Living plaza in Wanchai
288 Hennessy Road, Hong Kong.

If you are taking the metro, get out of Wan Chai station from exit A2 (small green block on the map). After going up the stairs and being outside, you go to the left in the direction to point A on the map. You just have to walk straight ahead until you see the Emperor Group Centre across the street. It takes about a 10-15 minute walk. There are a lot of small, interesting stores on the way there, so you will not be bored. When you finally get into the Emperor Group Centre, you take the escalator down to the basement. In the basement, you can find the Living plaza store at the end of the hallway.

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If you are staying in the JJ hotel (read my review of the hotel here), it is even easier to find the Wan Chai Living plaza store. The JJ hotel located in the Lucky Centre. You just have to cross the street and walk straight ahead until you find the Emperor Group Centre at the corner of the street on your right.

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Living plaza in Causeway Bay
15 Canal Road West, Hong Kong

If you are taking the metro, go out of Causeway Bay station from exit A. When you are outside, you will see that you are right at the entrance of the famous Times Square mall, where there is a large LCD screen on the wall. Locate the Cafe Corridor, a KFC restaurant, and the Plaza 2000. From there, you walk straight ahead, cross the street, and go under a overpass. In the street that is facing you, you will see a Living plaza sign and right underneath the sign is the narrow entrance with a staircase leading you to the store. It is easy to walk past the entrance since it is so small, but remember that you should see it right away after crossing the street. If you notice that you have been walking for a long time and you still cannot find it, it is better to return to the place where you crossed the street.

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When you are staying in Kowloon or the New Territories

Living plaza, Tsing Yi metro station store
The Tsing Yi metro station is connected to the Airport Express line and the Tung Chung line. There is a small Jusco store located within the metro station itself.

Living plaza in Mong Kok 601 Nathan Road, Hong Kong

If you are taking the metro, go out of the Mong Kok station from exit E1. When you get outside, you will be walking on the broad and long shopping street, called Nathan road. Walk in the direction of point A on the map and you will soon see the entrance of the Living plaza. Take the escalator to go upstairs. While you are in the area, do not forget to visit the famous Langham Place Shopping mall. It can be reached from Mong Kok metro station exit C3, which takes you directly to the basement of the mall.

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There was also a Bento Express store right next to the Living plaza store and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to this excellent take-out store with food at an affordable price, over here. Just as Living plaza, it is a company of the Aeon conglomerate. 

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