Review: Fisherman's Friend Tropical

I am one of the lucky few in the Netherlands that gets to test the Fisherman's Friend mints in the tropical flavor, before it gets released. The company has sent me two packs of Fisherman's Friend (25 g each) and a special tin to store the opened package in.

Review: Fisherman's Friend Tropical

In the back, you can find the ingredients. It is in Dutch though...

Fisherman's Friend Tropical ingredients

At first, I couldn't really figure out how to open the tin, but I quickly found out that it is a slide-out tin. It is very sturdy and it holds the mints quite well. Even though I am very clumsy, the mints haven't fallen all over the place in my bag yet.

Fisherman's Friend tin

I kind of expected the mints to be orange, but they are white as usual, but with small orange, - what looks like - fruit fibers mixed in.

Fisherman's Friend Tropical mints
Fisherman's Friend Tropical mints close up

My opinion

I really like how the mint is still as strong as usual; not totally diluted by a overly sweet, tropical fruit taste. You faintly taste the barely sweet, sour tropical fruit flavor (I think I can taste some orange, mango, and pineapple?) through the strong wave of mint. I thought it would have become a sweet candy that would even be suitable for kids, but I am glad to find out that it is still a refreshing mint that instantly wakes you up. For people that regularly eat the Fisherman's Friend mints, this new flavor would be a nice change for every now and then.

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