How to order Purederm sheet masks

Instructions on how to order Purederm sheet masks on Gmarket:

First go to the Purederm sheet masks product page at Gmarket, check if this product is available for international shipping to your country, pick out the kind of masks you want listed on the page (from some kinds you get more and some less than 10 pieces, so look carefully) and write down the numbers that can be found under the masks (on this page, you can find more info in English on what each kind of mask does by clicking on the pictures).

On the product page, you can find an empty box which states: "enter the type and quantity" in Korean (with some help of Google translate). At first, I thought that I needed to enter the mask numbers here, but you cannot enter more than a small amount of numbers. So this does not work. After a while, I figured out that you are supposed to enter these numbers in the "Note to seller" area of the product, when you pay. So in the box on the product page, you can just write whatever you want, I just typed "10" in it. After doing that, you are finally allowed to add the product to your cart.


How to use a Gmarket coupon

After putting all the items you want in the cart, go to the shopping cart page, where you can find a small orange "Coupon box" button next to the picture of the Purederm masks. Click on it and a pop up will appear. In this coupon box, all the coupons you collected are listed. If there is none, get some at the Discount coupon zone. Press on the round button next to the 10% off coupon for products in the Cosmetics and perfumes category for purchases over 20,000 won and click on the "Apply " button. The discounted price will now be shown on the shopping cart page. Then you can continue to place the order and get to the payment page. At the bottom of the page, there are large empty boxes under the descriptions of each product you ordered. These are meant for you to pass on a small note or reminder to the seller. Find the one for the Purederm masks with : [퓨어덤] 최고급 웰빙 신개념 마스크팩 100매 84종(택10)+아이존팩30매/손발봄화장품코팩여드름폼클렌징비비크림더말. Basically, you just find the one with 100 and 84 in the description. I don't think many product descriptions will have these in it. In that large box, you can type in the corresponding mask type numbers that you want to order. For me, this was: "1, 16, 19, 33, 35, 38, 39, 42, 48, 53". This is all you need to write. I got exactly the masks that I wanted. The free set of eye masks will automatically be added, so you do not have to do anything extra.

What I found out afterwards

Just typing the number, will give you the mask in the number that is stated. So often 6, 10 or 15 pieces of the mask. But you can vary in all possible ways, as long as it adds up. So you can also write: "1 (100x)" and get 100 pieces of the green tea essence masks. Write:  "1 (40x) and 2 (60x)" and get 40 of the green tea essence masks and 60 of the royal jelly essence masks.

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