Places in Japan yet to visit

Although I had seen and done a lot during my first trip to Japan, I regret not planning my activities better so that I could do more things in the limited time I had. That's why I did some research and made a list of places I would like to visit next time. It is important to find the precise details of where the places are located, because I wasted a lot of time just finding the places I wanted to visit. I also had trouble finding restaurants, where you can easily order something without having a hard time reading the kanji on the menu.

Here are some restaurants that I am hoping to visit soon:

Sushi Zanmai

 Picture from Sushi Zanmai

This sushi chain is famous for its fresh tuna. There are a lot of stores in Tokyo, but these are the branches that are easy and convenient to locate. At least for me. ^_^

Shibuya Higashiguchi branch
Open 24 hours a day and located right by the East exit of Shibuya station.

Located at the edge of Tsukiji market and open 24 hours a day.

Revolving Sushi-Zanmai Tsukiji Branch
For kaiten sushi in the middle of Tsukiji market.

Ippudo ramen

Chashu ramen and bite-sized gyoza, pictures from Ippudo ramen.

Ikebukuro branch in Tokyo

Grotere kaart weergeven

Fugetsu is a restaurant chain that sells very delicious okonomiyaki (a savory, Japanese pancake). If you do not know how to make one yourself, you can ask an employee to do it for you.
In Tokyo, you can find one in Aqua city Odaiba, 6th floor. Another branch is located on the 5th floor of the Universal City Walk Osaka. If you are visiting the Spa world in Osaka, you can also eat their okonomiyaki on the 3th floor after a relaxing onsen bath.

Tonkatsu Wako

It is a great tonkatsu chain store with free refills for rice, cabbage and miso soup. There is one in the Kyoto station, Tokyo station and Hachioaka station. Saki-tei is also one of their stores, located in the Isetan, Shinjuku store on the 7th floor.

Dotonburi, Osaka

In Dotonburi, Osaka, you can find many takoyaki stores. Honkeohtako is one of the best street stalls, where you can get 10 pieces for 500 yen.

Pictures from Honke Ohtako
At Creo-ru, you can have takoyaki, okonomiyaki, fried food, salads, and kushi in a restaurant setting suitable for tourists.

Kiji Umeda (located in Umeda Sky Building B1) claims to be the best Okonomiyaki restaurant on the planet. So I will have to see if they are telling the truth.

Other interesting places to visit in Japan:

- Kuromon Ichiba market, Osaka.
- Tokyo Dome, Tokyo
- Odaiba, Tokyo
- Tsukuji Market, Tokyo
- Nishiki market, Kyoto
- Ichijoji, Kyoto (many ramen stores located here)
- Kyoto Ramen Koji (ramen street with 7 ramen restaurants on the 10th floor of the Isetan in the Kyoto station).
- Ramen street at Tokyo station

A new website was launched this year, where you can find restaurants in Japan, which are suitable for tourists. You can find it here. I have not used it yet, but it seems promising. This website is one too.

Lastly, these are two websites, which can become convenient in finding out how to go from place A to B with trains in Japan. They also list the time the train leaves, the duration of the trip, several travel options, and the train fares.

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