Red earth lip gloss

Two years ago, I saw a Red Earth cosmetics counter in an Esprit store in Hong Kong. There were some really cute lip glosses and I had to buy something. In the end, I bought one lip balm, three lip glosses in little jars, and two lip glosses in long tubes. The glitters in these lip glosses makes them really unique. Especially in the dark, they seem to be beaming.

Red Earth lip glosses

In the large picture underneath, you can see how the three Red Earth lip glosses and the shimmering lip balm looks like in the dark.

Lip balm PK062
Lip gloss PK053
Lip gloss RD033
Lip gloss CI157
Red Earth lip glosses in little transparent jars

The three lip glosses in the small round containers have a jelly like texture, but they are easily spreadable. The two lip glosses in the long tubes and the lip balm have a creamier texture.

 Close up pictures of the Red Earth lip gloss RD033  



 Close up pictures of the Red Earth lip gloss CI157

 Close up pictures of the Red Earth lip gloss PK053

 Close up picture of the Red Earth shimmering lip balm PK062


All four swatched on a cotton pad

top: PK053
left: CI157
right: RD033
bottom: PK062

The Red Earth Lip Shines PK018 (light pink) and PK021 (dark pink)

Red Earth lip shines PK018 and PK021

Red Earth lip shines swatches

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