Karlsson clocks

After saving up for some time, I am hoping to be able to move out and live by myself, in my own apartment. I really like the idea of living in a place, all for myself and decorating it totally in the style I want without making any compromises. Before that happens, I am already looking around for things to put in my future apartment. Whenever there is a sale, I try to snatch up some beautiful items for a low price. Lately, I have found out that the clocks of the Dutch brand Karlsson were on sale and I rushed to the store to buy the ones that I have been eyeing on for a while. These are the ones that I have brought home.

Karlsson medium diamond wall clock and cubic multi colour wall clock

The cubic multi color wall clock, is really quirky. It consists of 12 blocks, all in different rainbow colors and you can assemble them in any way you want. For example, you can hang it up as suggested in the six pictures on the package. This is a really good way of adding color in any interior. I also bought the medium diamond wall clock, which is a silver clock with large diamonds in place of the numbers. It looks really stylish and sleek. Perfect to use in the bedroom or the walk in closet (in my dreams maybe ^_^).

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