Growing vegetables and fruit

Whenever I go through a stressful period, I always start growing plants from seeds. It is really fun to see how a small seed can become a big and strong plant within a couple of months. Giving the plants water and seeing how they have grown every day is really relaxing.

I remember that the first time I started to grow plants was when I finished middle school and I had to choose a high school. Choosing one was difficult, but after that major decision, I also worried whether my grades were high enough and how well my interview had went. Back then, I started with something simple and I only planted some beans and radishes.

The second time was when I had to decide which college I wanted to go to and what my curriculum would be. Due to my large field of interest, I had a lot of difficulties deciding. My high school teacher helped me by telling me to cross out the jobs that I didn't want to do and had no interest in, and the ones that are left, should give me some sense of direction. In the end, I choose for the curriculum of Economics and Business. It was mainly because it gives me the opportunity to try out many fields of study and to postpone specialization in one particular field until the bachelor 3 year and the master year. I do not regret making that decision.

After doing courses in Finance, Accounting, IT, HR, Strategy, Statistics, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Macro-economics and Micro-economics, I found out that I liked Marketing the best. I also had the highest grades for my marketing classes, so that made the decision easier. My master year specializing in Marketing was very inspiring. I had a pretty eccentric professor, whose classes were the most interesting and funniest I ever had. Currently, while finishing my second master degree, I am trying to find out what kind of job I want to do. This brings me to my third personal crisis, which made me want to grow plants again to relax my mind. Since I do not have a garden and live in an apartment, I have been growing the plants on my window sills. I have successfully planted seeds of baby tomato plants, chilli pepper plants, and strawberry plants.

Here are some pictures of them.

Tomato plant

Small baby tomato plant
It grew a bit
The yellow flowers will become small mini tomatoes
The tomato plants grew a lot!
The green tomatoes will gradually turn red

Chili pepper plant

Small chili pepper plants
The white flower with pretty purple seeds will become a chili pepper like the one next to it.

Strawberry plants

The small strawberry plants in plastic cups
After growing bigger, they start to get white flowers.
My first two strawberries in growth!
I am doing this for practice as well. One of my dreams is that when I retire, I want to live in a nice place with a small garden (I will have to be careful with my back by then, so of course, I cannot get a big garden. ^_^), where I will grow vegetables and fruit. When it is harvesting time, I would call my children and grandchildren over to have some delicious fresh vegetables and fruit. In the middle of the garden, there would also be a swing, large enough for a couple to sit on. I just think that would be one of the most romantic things to have. I really hope that this blog will stay here long enough for me to post a picture of me and my future husband as grandpa and grandma sitting on that swing together. ^_^

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