Parts club in Japan

While shopping in Shinjuku, I came across a store with all kinds of DIY supplies for making jewellery at the My Lord mall in the Shinjuku train station. The name of the store is Grain plaire, a sister store of the Parts club shops. Here, you can find a good article explaining more about the craft stores that you can find in Shinjuku. Although I am a total newbie in making jewellery, I wanted to give it a try. I thought that making earrings is going to be the easiest and I bought supplies for making those. While traveling through Japan, I found many Parts club stores and I bought more beads. In the end, I came home with a lot of Swarovski crystals in many different colors and also some earring making supplies.

Parts club Osaka, Japan

Yesterday, I found some free time and I made a bunch of earrings. I cannot wait to wear them for the first time. ^_^

handmade swarovski earrings pale pink and green
A pair of open hoop earrings with light green and pink Swarovski stones. 
It also has a cute metal heart at the end.

Keep reading to see more of my creations.

handmade swarovski earrings green blue pale pink

I used two of the pink stones left-over from the previous pair of earrings to create a subtle clash with the green stones. 

handmade swarovski earrings purple light purple
This pair of earrings is created with stones in two different tones of purple.

handmade swarovski earrings aqua colors
Earrings with a aqua theme: I used Swarovski crystals in green and blue hues. The larger drop shaped gem makes it look significantly different from the ones shown above.

handmade swarovski earrings forest green and pink
I used the falling stars chains from another pair of earrings that I have shown here. There were just too many, making it very heavy, so I took out a few chains and created this new pair of earrings. I really like how good the forest green and pink stones look with the gold.

handmade swarovski earrings light blue and purple

Because I like the design so much, I created another version with light blue and purple stones.

handmade swarovski earrings forest green deep purple

For these earrings, I used forest green and purple Swarovki crystals. The shape of these earrings look very classy.

Lastly, I created three pairs of dangling earrings.

handmade swarovski earrings pastel colorshandmade swarovski earrings emerald greenhandmade swarovski earrings light blue

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