Ruinas primal garden jewellery

During my second trip to Japan, I have went to the Tokyo Dome and the nearby shopping mall. I found a cute store there with a lot of jewellery in a romantic style and the store 's name is Ruinas primal garden. It is a large Japanese jewelry chain store selling really pretty costume jewelry for an reasonable price. I almost wanted to buy the whole store, but I settled with just a necklace and a pair of earrings. ^_^

The pretty packaging
Opening at the back of the packaging

This long necklace with pendant costs 1575 yen.
These butterfly earrings cost 1365 yen.
Even though, the prices are a lot higher than for example, the earrings that I bought from 3Coins Japan, the quality is a lot better and the details on the jewelry are really intricate. I have also never seen jewelry that has such a romantic style before, so it was really money well spent.

 There is also a Ruinas store on Narita airport and you can read more about that in this post.

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