Third Gmarket order

My third Gmarket order was placed on 19 July and I received the parcel on 26 July, so it took about a week. The tracking was really accurate too, so I could receive the parcel personally. This time, I have only purchased cosmetics and skincare products.

Etude House purchases

Etude House Missing U penguin hand cream with cotton scent

Because Etude House was having a special promotion giving away a lot of freebies, I had to purchase something from their shop. Because I really liked the Missing U hand cream I bought from the second Gmarket order, I wanted to buy another one and this time, I chose the one with a cute penguin container, which has a cotton scent. I like that the packaging of the penguin hand cream is made of recycled paper. Of course, I also bought some other items from Etude House. Keep reading to see what else I got.

Etude House purchases at Gmarket

Etude house introduced some new nail polishes recently, so I had to try some of them out. I picked one with pink chunky glitters and a bright orange nail polish. I am running out of nail polish remover too, so I bought a bottle from Etude House, which has a floral scent. I paid 1,500 won for a 100 ml bottle (the pink bottle in the picture).

Bright orange Etude House nail polish
Etude House nail polish in bright orange
Etude House nail polish with chunky pink metallic glitters
Pink chunky glitter nail polish

They were also having a really good sheet mask deal. You get 10 sheet masks in 5 different scents (pomegranate, pearl extract, green tea, aloe, and lemon) and 2 packs of eye masks for 12,000 won (about €7.90). You also get three moistfull sheet masks for free with this deal. With a total purchase of over 20,000 won at the Etude House shop, you also get two additional moistfull sheet masks for free. So in the end, I got 5 moistfull sheet masks for free.

Etude House sheet masks deal
Sheet masks in the scents: Pomegranate, pearl extract, green tea, aloe and lemon. Two small packs of eye masks.

Freebies from Etude House

Etude House freebies/gift with purchase
The freebies with my purchase
At first, I did not know what the pink wand with a heart at the end was from just looking at the picture on the website. When I received it, I saw that the heart was a small mirror and after pulling the mirror off, there is a small comb and razor inside. While holding the heart-shaped mirror in one hand and the wand with the razor and comb in the other, you can easily shape your eye brows with it. I really love it!

The box with a picture of a tube of BB cream is filled with cotton pads. Next to it, is a box of cotton swabs. I really like the cotton swabs from Etude house, as one end is normal and the other end has a sharper tip, which comes in handy, when you want to use it with more precision.
I also got some samples of the Collagen moistfull facial freshener and emulsion, and the Aloe moistfull soothing skin and soothing lotion.

Peripera purchases

To further increase my collection of nail polishes, I bought some nail polishes of Peripera. They are currently having a deal, where you buy three bottles and get one bottle for free. 7,900 won (about 5.20 euro) for four very large bottles of nail polishes is really a bargain. They seem small in the picture, but they are about as big as a Chanel nail polish bottle. You must be thinking: "Why are there 5 bottles in the picture when the deal is 3+1?". By paying an extra fee of 5,500 won, you can get a bottle of a four days lasting, perfumed nail polish. Because the newest Peripera glitter perfume nail polishes are so pretty, I had to buy one in the color Aqua sparkle. Normally they costs 11,500 won for two bottles, but I just wanted to try one bottle first. So the price of buying one is even slightly less than the price per bottle when buying two.

Peripera nail polishes

Tony Moly purchases

Lastly, I bought the Latte Art Cappuccino Cream-in scrub of Tony Moly, after trying out the samples I got with my latest purchase. It really made my skin feel softer and cleaner, so I had to buy a full-size "cup". The cup of coffee packaging is really cute. The "silver spoon" stick can be pulled out and used to take out the scrub from the jar, which is super convenient since I always misplace the small plastic spoons that come with creams. When I have used up the contents, I might keep using it by transferring my other creams with more boring jars into it. I also bought the famous Tony Moly gel eye liner. The brush can be pulled out from the top, which is really nice. I did not expect any, because I didn't spend a lot, but the seller threw in some samples anyway. I got a sample of the Tomatox magic white massage pack, the Red appletox honey cream and the UV Sunset maximum sun block cream with 50 SPF and PA+++. 

Tony Moly purchases

Tony Moly latte art cappuccino cream-in scrub

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