Nail polishes from the third Gmarket order

It has been awhile, but you must be curious about how the nail polishes from the third Gmarket order turned out on my nails. As you may have read in my third Gmarket order post, I bought 2 Etude House nail polishes and 5 Peripera nail polishes. From Etude House, I bought the coral nail polish (HD line OR206) and the pink chunky glitter nail polish (05 darling pink sequins). From Peripera, I bought a light orange (401), purple (PP108), plain pink (BR202), pink with golden shimmer (PK009), green glitter nail polish (P041 Sparkle Aqua).

Colorful nails using Etude House and Peripera nail polishes
From left to right: HD line OR206, 401, PP108, BR202+P041 Sparkle Aqua
Just like last time, I have just tried all the colors on my nails at once. Although I like all my new additions, I especially love the coral Etude House nail polish, which has a glossy, warm coral color, and the Peripera Sparkle Aqua, which looks a little like paint splatter due to the glitters in different sizes and also because of the fruity, sweet smell it has.

nail swatch of the Peripera PK009
Peripera PK009
nail swatch of the Peripera nail polish BR202 and P041
BR202+P041 Sparkle Aqua

glittery nails using Etude House and Peripera nail polishes
From left to right: HD line OR206, BR202+P041 Sparkle Aqua,  PP108, and BR202+P041 Sparkle Aqua+05 darling pink sequins

Sasatinnie nail polish FCCH0004

Today, I am wearing the Sasatinnie nail polish FCCHO004, which is one of my favorite pink nail polishes, combined with the Etude House 05 darling pink sequins on the tips. The nails do not look too over the top, really nice and subtle. I think it is quite suitable for work. The pink sequins remind me a bit of the pa nail polish Lame Grande AA11, which I really like.

You can find better pictures of this nail polish in this post over here.

Sasatinnie nail polish bottle FCCHO004
Sasatinnie Super Dolly Fantasy Colour FCCHO004 with chocolate scent
Pink nail polish with metallic pink glitters (Sasatinnie and Etude House)
Sasatinnie FCCHO004 with Etude House 05 darling pink sequins

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