Short review: Skinfood base and top coat

After hearing a lot of good things about the Korean brand, Skinfood, I decided to buy some of their products from Sasa. Because I have been wearing a lot of nail polishes lately, my nails are starting to get some discoloration. It is extremely important to use a base coat to protect your nails. However I am sometimes too lazy for that, as it just takes too long to wait for it to dry and then to wait again for the other layers of nail polish to dry. But after using the base and top coat of Skinfood, I am really pleased with the results and I think it is worth to wait a while.

Skinfood Nail Vita base and top coat

The base coat has really protected my nails as they are no longer as dried out, after using nail polish remover. The top coat is even better. Once, the nail polish on my nails were not applied as smoothly as I wanted and I was too lazy to do them all over again. After applying the Skinfood top coat, the nail polish layers that were uneven became smoother over time. It was like magic! It also gives off a very pretty gloss. I am definitely going to repurchase these, when they run out.

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