On my wishlist: the Mulberry satchel

Back when I was 12 years old, I already made up my mind that I was going to do something really special and meaningful with my first paycheck. I would buy myself a really expensive bag that I would normally not even consider and spend what is left on a good dinner in a posh restaurant with the family. Back then, I fell for the leather Mulberry satchel.

This kind of bag is very popular right now. My sense of style was already really good, when I was a little kid ^_^. I disliked big and numerous logo's and brand names on the bags, which were a big hit, and prefer clean styles more. Simple leather bags with a beautiful design are also more timeless and I can eventually hand the bag down to my future daughter or daughter-in-law. I can imagine that if I were to receive such a vintage and one of a kind piece, I would be extremely happy. The bag would also have a lot of sentimental value and history, since I have bought it with my first real paycheck and took it to work with me everyday. I do need to treat it more carefully for it to last that long though . ^_^

I do not have an official full-time job yet, but I have started my second internship since the 1st of August. Each time I start a new job, I have bought myself a new bag to take to work. The bags increased in quality (and price!) over the years. In the beginning, I bought H&M bags and brandless bags, then Zara bags, then Friis & Company bags, then Guess bags, and now, I own one from Tommy Hilfiger. I am currently using a really sturdy, Tommy Hilfiger laptop bag and it is big enough for my 15 inch laptop and also some paperwork. For in my free time, I have bought a really nice River Island satchel. Since I don't have enough money to buy a Mulberry satchel yet, this will have to do. :)

Beige River Island satchel with gold bucklesRiver Island satchel

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