February deals on Gmarket

Since I got a nice response to my latest post with good deals that I found on Gmarket, I am writing another one for February. Korea was having Lunar holidays in January, so I had not made a Gmarket order yet for my birthday. Because I have already done some research in checking what is nice to get at Gmarket today, I will share this information with you.


Peripera has gotten a new model for their brand, the actress Hwang Jung Eum, and hired the artist, Mari Kim, known for making the animated 2ne1 music video, to design the packaging of their new products. I especially like the black cat cartoon figure.

Lip balm sale
I think it is because of the packaging change that they are now having a deal that you can get three tins of glossy lip tint balm for 9,900 won. I really liked the lip balm number 5 that I bought last time, so I caved in and bought some more. ^_^ The lip tins with a lip shape in them (number 5 and 6) have a lip-plumbing effect and the others are just normal lip balms. I bought number 3, 4, and 5 to see how they are different. I will let you know, when I get my hands on them.

Eyeliners sale
Two eyeliners for 9,900 won. It comes with a pencil sharpener and a little bottle of lip and eye remover.

Nail polishes sale
I really like the nail polishes from Peripera and as soon as I saw that they were having a sale, I got nine of them. I know it is a lot, but as long as it makes me very happy, it is money well spend, right?
The deal that they have right now is three nail polishes of choice for 6,900 won and you get a free bottle of nail polish remover with it.

Underneath, you can see the newest color additions of the Peripera nail polishes.

The four nail polishes on top were last fall/winter colors and I really like the green and blue ones. The four polishes on the second row are the latest spring colors. The pastel colors and the tropical orange and pink makes me look forward to warmer temperatures.

The four Peripera nail polishes underneath have random and disappointing colors: the green and cherry red are probably from the Christmas line last winter, the purple glitter polish does not look too dense, and the CR955 is probably just a nail nourisher or base coat. The WH805 however looks really nice. It looks like a top coat of holographic glitters meant to put over darker color polishes. Guess who has ordered this polish already? ^_^

I saw that Chanel has new colors of nail polishes out recently and I really like the Chanel nail polish no. 549 - Distraction. I am currently trying to find a cheaper dupe for that nail polish, so I just bought Peripera OR407 and Tony Moly nail polish no. 14 (one of the new Tony Moly colors that is shown in the picture above) in my latest Gmarket order, hoping that at least one of them looks similar.

Update: I didn't succeed with these two nail polishes (as you can see here), but eventually, I did find two other nail polishes that really look like a dupe over here.

It's skin

It's skin is having a 30% off sale again from 17-19 Feb 2012. I can really recommend the Power 10 Formula essences, since I bought 4 of these in my 4th Gmarket order. They have bottles (in very pretty rainbow colors!) targeted to the specific skin problems that you might have.

Tony Moly

Hello Bunny perfume bar (one for 8,800 won)

These perfume bars on the left can be really convenient for travel or for in your purse. You don't have to worry that it will leak or that you cannot get on the airplane with it.

Petite bunny gloss bar (one for 4,900 won)

Three new colors have been added to the selection. Because I couldn't resist the cuteness of the new colors, I ordered two of them. You will get to see them soon. ^_^

Update: I have reviewed three of the Tony Moly petite bunny gloss bars over here.

Three new Tony Moly nail polishes (one for 3,000 won)


The pastel colors combined with sparkly glitters are really pretty, so I just ordered all of them. :)

Update: You can see them on my nails over here.

LG cosmetics and skincare

LG is more famous to the most of us for their electronics, but in Korea, they are also famous for a lot of other products and services. One of them is cosmetics and skincare. I just found out recently that they are shipping some of their products internationally. I saw two deals that are really tempting and with a lot of freebies, so I tried ordering these sets from them. Hope that I will not be disappointed.

Lacvert set for 20,400 won.
Nanas' b set for 18,620 won.

Update: Out of curiosity and because of the many freebies, I bought both sets. You can see them over here.

Etude House

I also found some new products from Etude House. 

Etude House Juicy pop tube, one for 3,500 won. I think they want to copy the Lancôme juicy tubes. :)

 Etude House Milk Talk Body wash for 5,500 won and cute matching sponge for 2,500 won.

The Saem

This shop is having a sale with discounts of 20-50% on a lot of their products. You can also get a 1+1 deal on all their sun care products.

Cute snail hand cream with the scents Cherry blossom, Lily, and Freesia : for 4,720 won each (20% off)

Gem Miracle creams (20% off):
Jade aqua radiance cream, 24K gold time stop cream, Diamond cutting v lifting cream, and W pearl beam cream.  I would just buy them for their beautiful lids, there is a large pretty gem on top of the jars.

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