New finds at Gmarket

I found some nice products recently that I really need to put on my wishlist at Gmarket. As you might know, Tony Moly has a very famous 3 step pore treatment set in the shape of cute eggs. The first step is for Blackhead care, the second step is a Tightening Pack and the third step is Pore care. Now, they have added a step 4: the Egg pore Real egg jelly. It is a jelly like cream meant for daily use. I really like that the jelly inside the egg container look like a real egg yolk. ~10,500 won.

Tony Moly has also introduced some new nail polishes and I can hardly resist the urge to buy them. Firstly, they added two new colors in their glitter nail polish line. These two nail polishes are inspired by the colors of Wonder woman and they are sold for 3,000 won each. The blue and the red glitter in different sizes look very pretty. It would be especially nice, since the Euro 2012 is going to start soon and my country's national flag happens to have red, white and blue. Using white nail polish as a base and two glitter stripes in red and blue on top would make a very fitting manicure. It is a lot better than my usual boring orange (our national color) nails.

Just like Etude House, Tony Moly is also following the three small nail polishes in one set trend. I am really curious how the glitter polish in the middle looks like on the nails and what the effect is combined with the other nail polishes. Since they call the set Aqua aura nails, it must have some amazing glittery, sparkle effect. However, the other two nail polishes look like something I have in my collection already. I have to find some swatches first, to see if it is worth the buy. This set costs 6,000 won.

Lastly, Peripera has also caught on with the nail polish gradient set trend. Most of the colors that they have, seem to be the same as what Etude House has already. I do think that their glitter nail polishes look a whole lot more interesting. It has different shapes, colors, and sizes, which makes it a nice nail polish to use on its own as well. What peaks my interest the most is their transformer sets (last two nail polish sets), it is amazing to see what the white polish can do.

A lot of people have been asking me how to put items that they found on Gmarket in their wishlist, so I will now give a short explanation on how to do it.

How to put items in your wish list at Gmarket

You need to be signed in with your account at Gmarket. If you do not have an account, you have to register first. Then, you can browse around and look at things you find interesting to buy. For example, the product page of the Peripera lipsticks. Underneath the product picture, you can find in small print: "Add to Wish list". It is better to click on the x in the green box underneath, to get it out of the way.

After clicking on it, a small box will open which looks like in the second picture underneath. You can choose to add the item to the main group, which is one general folder to store things you like or add another group with a name you think up yourself. For instance, if you like nail polishes and earrings a lot, just like me, you can create a separate group (i.e. folder) for the earrings you like and a second group for nail polishes. Or you can name a group after a buyer, for instance, when your sister wants to buy things with your account, you can make a group "-name sister-". This makes it easier to find the things back that you have saved. 

To see the things you have stored in your wish list again, you just need to scroll over "My Gmarket" and click on "Wish list" located at the top of the Gmarket page. The items stored in the wishlist will stay there for 3 months.

A much easier way to put things in your wishlist is to just add the items in your shopping cart, while signed in, and it automatically saves the items in your wishlist after not signing in again for 7 days.

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