Imitation products in Hong Kong

What most people buy as souvenirs from Hong Kong, must be the imitation products. The customs here in the Netherlands allows us to take three imitation products (of each specific product category) in our luggage without any problems, but more would get you into trouble. I am not very interested in buying fake watches, perfumes, CD's/DVDs or clothing, so I only bought three accessories.

1. A large rectangular wallet

large pale pink rectangular Miu Miu look-a-like wallet

My pale pink Miu Miu look-a-like wallet (HK$100) at a Maple store in Nathan road, Mongkok.

It has a gold zipper and a beautiful pink, metallic interior. The many compartments are very useful for me, since I have way too many store loyalty cards. ^_^

2. A coin purse

This a Anna Sui flowery coin purse that I got for HK$10 at a discount store in Wan Chai. You can open it at both sides, making it possible to keep the coins and paper bills or cards in separate compartments.

Anna Sui flowery coin purse 

3. A mobile phone pouch

This is a Samantha Thavasa inspired, pink mobile phone pouch that I got for HK$10 at the same discount store in Wanchai, where I got the previous item.
Samantha Thavasa inspired mobile phone pouch

  4. Hair accessories for HK$10

vintage looking hair pin butterfly crystals

In the discount store in Wan Chai, which was selling everything in the store for HK$10 each, I also bought two vintage looking hair accessories. The items are very detailed and they are made of a very durable metal. 

vintage looking hair accessoiry

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