Latest Innisfree nail polishes 2012

While browsing around on Gmarket, I saw some amazing nail polishes of the Korean brand, Innisfree. The Innisfree Fruits Nail Collection has 4 nail polishes in vibrant colors as mango yellow (97), strawberry red (98), bright pink (99, dupe of Deborah Lippmann's Sweet dreams) and navy blue (100) with flakies mixed in them, and one beautiful mermaid tail like blue glitter nail polish (96).

The Innisfree Poem Nail Collection has 2 glitter nail polishes with a light, silvery metallic base and two metallic nail polishes. Although these do not look so good in these promotional pictures, I have seen the swatches of 103 and they look stunning. It is a dark red with a metallic/glittery finish. (see added picture of that underneath). The ones with a silvery, pearly base (101 and 102) did not look so good as far as I can tell, but I have just found out that they are supposed to be dupes of Deborah Lippmann's Mermaid's dream. 

The Innisfree Star Sign Nail Collection is the one that I want to get the most. I really like every one of them, as they look like messy paint splatter on the nails. These have a transparent base, so they can be put over any color of base coat to create interesting color clashes. The 105 is a mix of white and rose gold glitters in various shapes, which is the most compatible with different colors.

Update: the Innisfree Star Sign Nail Collection got four new additions, read my post about them over here.

It is as though they can read my mind, because Innisfree introduced a new nail base polish, especially made for the hard to remove glitter nail polishes: the Innisfree peel-off base coat. When you are tired of the glitters on you nails, you can just peel the glitter layer off your nails without trouble. It is really amazing!

Read more about the upgraded version: the Innisfree Eco Peel Off Base Coat Pro Version.

Update 2: I bought three of the nail polishes from the Innisfree Star Sign Nail Collection and also the Innisfree peel-off base coat. Read more over here.

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