Vivi and With magazine (HK version)

During my last trip to Hong Kong, I picked up two Japanese fashion magazines (Vivi and With) that have been translated to Cantonese Chinese. Finally, I can now read what is written instead of just looking at the pretty pictures. These magazines also have special sections telling the readers where we can buy the clothes of Japanese brands in Hong Kong. This was really helpful in locating the Japanese clothes that they featured. I bought these magazines at a newsstand for HK$30 each. It was really affordable, but sadly, they do not come with any gifts. These two magazines were the May 2012 issues (It is now already August, but I have been a bit lazy with writing posts lately). I seriously have a lot of catching up to do. :)

In the magazines, I saw a very pretty ad with IU in it. I never knew green and purple could look so good together on the eyes. I thought it would be nice to share this with you, as this can inspire you to create your own fairy like eye make up for the summer. There is still a little bit of summer left. :P
The eyeshadow pact that was used for this look is from the Korean brand The Saem. In Hong Kong, the price of this eye shadow palette is HK$154. You can now buy this and other the Saem products in their own specialty store located in the iSquare mall in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. This is the Saem's official HK website:

These are the covers of the two magazines that I have bought:
With HK magazine May 2012 issue
With HK magazine May 2012 issue.
Vivi HK magazine May 2012 issue
Vivi HK magazine May 2012 issue

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