Glitter galore: many Innisfree and Etude House nail polishes

colorful Hello Kitty bandaidsAs promised here and introduced over here, I am finally going to show you swatches of these highly anticipated Innisfree nail polishes that I just got.

First, I bought the Innisfree peel-off base coat from Ebay. I like wearing glitter nail polishes on my nails and with this, it will make removal a breeze. From the seller, I also got a small note with instructions on how to use it, a sample of the Skinfood Platinum Grape Cell Cream and two very cute Hello Kitty bandaids.

Innisfree peel-off base coat and freebies

My absolute favorites were the nail polishes from the Innisfree Star Sign Nail Collection, so of course, I bought all of them (except for no. 106) from another ebay seller. The Innisfree nail polish no. 106 has a lot of orange in it, which reminds me of the Lynnderella nail polish - Witch Cauldron Was It?, but I don't like orange very much and I don't know if I will be able to combine it well with the other nail colors that I own. I decided to just get the Innisfree Star Sign nail polishes  no. 105, no. 107 and  no. 108.

Innisfree Poem Nail Collection and Star Sign Nail Collection
Picture from Innisfree

Now let's have a look at these pretty nail polishes.

Innisfree nail polishes Star Sign Nail Collection no.105, no. 107, and no.108
From left to right: Innisfree Star Sign Nail Collection 105, 107, 108.

Innisfree Star Sign Nail nail polishes and freebies
Freebies that came with nail polishes: samples of The Saem Chaga White Liposome Boosting Toner and Emulsion and samples of Innisfree olive real skin and lotion.

Innisfree Star Sign Nail nail polishes over Etude House base colors
From left to right: Etude House Maybe Navy DBL602, Etude House Blow Blue DBL601, Etude House Royal Coral  DBR403, and Etude House Tint Mint DGR701 as base and the Innisfree glitter nail polishes on top: 107, 108, 105, and 107.

Etude House nail polish Blow Blue DBL601 with Innisfree nail polish no. 105 on top
Etude House Blow Blue DBL601 with 105 on top.

Peripera nail polish YE904 with Innisfree nail polish no. 108 on top
Peripera YE904 with 108 on top.
As you might have noticed, while I was swatching anyways, I also swatched the new Etude House nail polishes that I bought in my 7th Gmarket order. Among these, are two dupes of Deborah Lippmann nail polishes: Ruby Red Slipper and Candy shop. If you look properly, the Innisfree nail polish no. 105 also looks like Lynnderella Connect the Dots, but then with the black glitter replaced by rose gold glitters.

Etude House nail polish PBL601, PPP502, PBK801, and DGR701 (Tint Mint)
Etude House PBL601 (in blue, but also a pink version), Etude House PPP502, Etude House PBK801 and Etude House Tint Mint DGR701 with 105 on top.

Tony Moly nail polish TR09 with Etude House nail polish PWH903 on top
Tony Moly TR09 with Etude House PWH903 on top.
All the nails one more time (with an extra layer of glitter on some nails).

colorful glittery nails using Etude House, Peripera, and Innisfree nail polishescolorful glittery nails using Etude House and Innisfree nail polishes

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