Gmarket order #7

This is already my 7th order at Gmarket. Because I did not buy many things with a sturdy box packaging, the large EMS box totally got squashed. But let's open the box quickly to check what's in it and if everything is still in one piece. ^_^
Gmarket package
Placed order: 24-8-2012
Bought more items and combined order: 25-8-2012
Large box filled with all my small packages and little boxes left Gmarket warehouse: 30-8-2012
Arrived at Amsterdam airport: 31-8-2012
Handed over to customs : 4-9-2012
(for only 2 days of checking, which means not having to pay taxes ^_^)
Arrived at my doorstep: 6-9-2012 
Gmarket purchases

The first thing you might notice, is the pack with four red strawberries on top, as those are the famous strawberry shaped curlers of Etude House. For three days, Etude House had a 30% sale on all their products, so I naturally bought a lot of things. Currently, the Etude House shop at Gmarket is having a 10% sale on all their products for the whole month of September. You cannot possibly miss out on this sale, now that it goes on for that long. The Saem and it's skin stores are also having a large sale going on from 7-9 September and Holika Holika will have a sale 15 and 16 September, so buy a lot of products to make the high international shipping costs worth while. Do as I did, I bought a lot of sales items from the Etude House and Holika Holika shops and the total discount covered at least half of the international shipping fees.

Let's see what I bought from Etude House and Holika Holika.

Etude House purchases

Etude House purchases

In this post, I previously wrote about the new Etude House nail polishes that are really fabulous for the summer. From those, I bought the Etude House Dear my deep color nails nail polishes: Tint Mint (DGR701), Blow Blue (DBL 601), Maybe Navy (DBL 602), Royal Coral (DBR 403). Manic Mango was sold out at the time. :( From the Etude House Dear my glitter nail polishes, I got PBK 801, PPP 502, PBL 601, and PWH903.

Aside from nail polishes, I bought a large refill bag of 500 ml. of brush cleanser, a eye contour brush, a refillable perfume spray, nail stickers, and strawberry curlers. I also bought three bottles of body wash and a large 500 ml. bottle of Wonder Pore Freshner, but they could not fit in this picture, so they are in a separate picture underneath.

I heard a lot of good things about the Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner, so I bought a large bottle of 500 ml. It was also because only this size has the cool dispenser to get product out without tilting the bottle. Due to my craving for the delicious looking, Korean banana milk, I bought the banana milk body wash. Too bad, I cannot drink that. ^_^ While I was at it, I also bought the chocolate and strawberry flavors. I might as well splurge on those too. The bottles are smaller than I thought though, only 200 ml. per bottle. My excuse was that I could still use these as decoration, after using up all the contents.

Here, I wrote about the cute nail wraps and nail stickers found on Gmarket, and the one that I really liked was this pearly one from Etude House. I still need to find a special occasion to wear them.

Etude House Sweet Shine nail stickers pastel pearls
Isn't the packaging very pretty? The pastel colored mini pearls are also really cute
Update: I have worn the cute, pearly beads, Etude House nail stickers on my birthday. See how it looks on my nails over here.

Etude House perfume spray
Perfume spray.
The Etude House perfume spray was on my wish list for a long time, but I thought that the price was a bit high. The 30% sale convinced me to buy it after all. I really like the pink ribbon pattern, and as you can see in the picture, you can pull down the ribbon case revealing the inside of the glass perfume bottle. You do not have to worry that due to the non-transparent exterior, you cannot tell how much perfume is still in there. This was my concern at first. It is however a bit smaller than I thought; its size compares to a slightly thicker pen and it is only a bit longer than half an eyeliner pencil. At least, this makes it perfect to bring along in small purses. Because I do not put perfume on very often, I can also put some facial spray or the Etude House Wonder pore freshner I just got, in there to moisten and refresh my face during the day.

Let's have one last look at the Etude House nail polishes.
Etude House nail polishes
The new Etude House nail polish bottles with a changed wider brush.

Holika Holika purchases

From Holika Holika, I bought the Wine therapy sleeping mask (in a cute white wine tub with a plastic spoon) and two Jewellight waterproof eyeliners in pink (which I mistakenly did not get in my Gmarket order #4) and gold. Freebies are a purple carton box of squared cotton pads, a sample of Aqua Fantasy cream, and a sample of Syn-Ake wrinkle focus spot effecter.

Holika Holika purchases and freebies

Korean hairbands

I really like the Korean hairbands that are shown on many Korean shows and drama's, so I decided to buy a blue ribbon hairband and a double braid hairband. The seller gave me two black hair ties as freebies. I also got a black polka dot wire hairband from another shop.

Korean hair bands


Since the last time I bought any earrings from Gmarket was my first order, I thought it was about time to order some again. I bought 8 pairs of earrings from the shop, ♡수앤수♡ . The earrings are as pretty as in the pictures, but there was a small crystal missing from the ribbon earrings in the upper left corner. That's why, I gave you the advice to always check the items carefully and to keep the original boxes with the bar codes intact, until you are completely sure that everything is satisfactory. I contacted the seller immediately and I got a response the day after, saying that a refund was possible after confirming the delivery of the item. Currently, Gmarket has a new system, which protects the buyer a lot more than before. You now have to confirm the delivery of the product, before Gmarket passes the amount you paid on to the seller. I did not get the refund on my Gaccount yet, but since it is weekend now, it will probably be done on Monday.

Update 17-9-2012: The refund has been deposited to my PayPal account today. It takes some time before the seller and Gmarket process the cancellation of the item that was bought and you also need to confirm the cancellation through a personal email from Gmarket first. So you have to be a bit patient, but everything will be handled properly. 

Korean earrings from Gmarket
hand mirror
A small pocket mirror as freebie with the earrings purchase.

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