One price shopping in Japan 2012

In a past post, I have already introduced you to many stores in Japan where you can buy a variety of goodies for one standard low price. Of course, I bought a lot of stuff at these stores again during my last trip to Japan.

Let's have a look at what I have bought, shall we? :)

Daiso (100 yen) store in Japan

Daiso green tea soap with foaming net
First, I bought some items at a Daiso store 100 yen store. I found a cute green tea face soap bar with a net included, which creates a lot of foam.

The directions for using the net are:
1) First, make the soap and the net wet,
2) Rub the net against the soap,
3) Take just the net and rub it to create foam,
4) Go through the net with one hand to wring the foam upwards,
5) Take the foam and put on your face to wash it with (warning: do not touch your face with the net, as it can hurt your skin).

Daiso Ono no Komachi bath saltI also tried another bath salt from Daiso for just 100 yen a box. This kind called Ono no komachi is part of the world's famous, historic beauties bath salt line. The carton box contains six packages of bath salt for one time use. The bath salt is really bright pink and it creates pink bath water with a nice and subtle scent.

For 100 yen, I also bought a underwear/sock container. It is made of a really sturdy plastic and I can use it to put inside a drawer. This makes it a lot more organized and I can find the one I want to wear much easier. It is a bit embarrassing, but I have also included a picture of the underwear and socks that I had put into the container during my trip, to show you how much can be put in there. Unlike what you can see in the picture on the container, I can either put two pairs of socks or two pieces of underwear in one compartment instead of just one. The container was also easy to place and take out of my suitcase, so even for travel this can be used.

Daiso underclothing arrangement case

Daiso underwear case with content

This is another, plastic container that I had bought at Daiso for 100 yen. I used it to store cosmetics. It came with three removable dividers in three nuances of pink (from light to dark). Since you can place the dividers anywhere you want, you can customize it to the size of the cosmetics and other small items. As you can see in the picture, I used the dividers to snugly fit in 4 lipsticks and 2 nail polishes.

Daiso plastic storage case with pink dividers

3 Coins (315 yen) store in Japan

I also paid a visit to a 3 coins store in Shibuya. If you are looking for cute and romantic interior goods and accessories, this is the place for you. There was a promotion going on, as I did not have to pay taxes on all the items there, so thanks to the tax-free deal, I only paid 300 yen for each item, instead of the normal price of 315 yen.

I bought a plastic rack, which comes in three colors: yellow, white, and light green. I picked the one that is yellow and all three layers are yellow (not multicolor as in the picture on the packaging). Each layer can hold up to 2 kg of weight, so it is perfect to store my enormous collection of nail polishes on.

3Coins yellow storage rack
The storage rack still wrapped in plastic.

I also saw some really cute containers in Anna Sui style that comes in white and black. Because I like how the white ones look so pearly, I choose the white ones and I also bought them in two different designs.

3Coins Anna Sui inspired cosmetics case
3Coins Anna Sui look-a-like cosmetics case

Then from the accessories section of 3 coins, I bought a pretty necklace (made in Korea ^_^), a claw hair clip with a pink fluffy ribbon on each side and a banana hair clip with dark pink beads.

3Coins flower necklace
3Coins gold flower necklaceclose-up of the 3Coins gold flower necklace with pink beads

pink claw hair clip with pink ribbons

3Coins banana hair clip with dark pink beads3Coins banana hair clip with dark pink beads from the side

My cosmetics and nail polish tower

Since a lot of you were curious about how I store my bottles of nail polish, I will show you how I have put the items I bought to use. 

nail polishes and cosmetics towernail polishes and cosmetics tower from the side

Bottom tray of nail polish tower
The bottom tray.
second layer of nail polish tower
Second layer.
third layer of nail polish tower
The third layer
top layer of the nail polish and cosmetics tower
The top layer.

Section for the Dutch readers
At 3 coins, there were also a variety of cute vanity mirrors, but I didn't buy any as I was afraid it would break during traveling. (I don't want 7 years of bad luck. >_<) Back in the Netherlands, I found some places where I can buy them after all: the Xenos and the online shop of the Intertoys. These two are Dutch stores, so sadly, this information is only useful for the Dutch readers. 
These two mirrors are sold at Xenos stores for 3,99.

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