First Etude House store in Hong Kong

Etude House has opened a physical store in Hong Kong, on 2 November 2012, and I will be giving you the directions to the first store in Mongkok. I can finally touch and test the Etude House products before buying, instead of ordering them online. I could have also done that in an Etude house store in South Korea, but I visit Hong Kong for vacation more than any other place. The opening hours are from 10:00AM ~ 11:00PM, so you can definitely find the time in your busy sightseeing schedule to fit a short shopping trip at Etude House.

The store is located in Mongkok on Soy street 24-26, which intersects with the well-known Nathan road. The easiest way to get to the Etude House shop, is to take the subway to Mongkok metro station and exit the station from exit E2. From there, you walk towards the nearest main road, which is Nathan road. From walking from the metro exit onto Nathan road (1 min), you need to turn left. You will know whether you have taken the correct side of Nathan road by looking at the name of the first intersecting street. You are walking in the opposite direction, if you reach Argyle street. You are walking in the right direction, when you see that the first intersecting street is Shantung street. Of course, do not enter Shantung street. You still need to keep walking on Nathan road, until you reach the second intersection, which is Soy street. You should be able to find the Etude House store very easily, since it is the first corner shop on your right after walking into Soy street.

Grotere kaart weergeven

Even in the worst case scenario, you can still show this map to someone on the street and ask them for directions. Although the directions seem relatively easy, it can be pretty tricky when you are in Hong Kong for the first time and get intimidated by the densely packed high-rise buildings.
Before I became more familiar with Hong Kong, I have been walking around on my own, feeling lost, after exiting the metro station and losing the sense of direction. The metro exits E1 and E2 are located slightly in the side streets of Nathan road,  so you are not on Nathan road right after exiting the metro station. You walk out of the metro station from a train of stairs, directed opposite from Nathan road. So if you keep walking straight ahead after exiting, you walk farther away from Nathan road. I also once walked on Nathan road after shopping for some time and thought I was walking back to Mongkok metro station, but reached Yau Ma Tei metro station instead. ^_^     

Update: Etude House now has a second store in Hong Kong. Read more over here.

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