Having your own Starbucks at home

I have never felt so bad about not living in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, or France before. Currently, the official Starbucks online store is selling the Verismo 580 Brewer, which makes it possible to create the Starbucks beverages leisurely at your own home, and they only deliver to those countries. Because I am obsessed with anything piano black, I would definitely buy the Verismo 580 Brewer in Piano Black.

That is not all, because I also saw that you can buy the Starbucks syrups and sauces online. The ones that I am the most interested in is the Fontana White Chocolate Mocha Sauce, Starbucks Mocha Powder, Starbucks Sugar-Free Hazelnut Syrup, and the Starbucks Raspberry Syrup. I can already imagine the many delicious drinks, I would be able to make with these.

I saw a diverse variety of cups, mugs, and tumblers in the online shop. But the ones on my wishlist are these: the glass water bottle in white, the Starbucks Cold Cup, and the matching Domed Cup Lid.

I normally drink a lot of water, but I do not like drinking mineral water all the time and the plastic taste coming from the plastic bottles. The Starbucks glass water bottle with a soft white silicon sleeve would be great to have. I can reuse the bottle to fill it with tap water, home-made cold lemonade, cold yuzu drink, iced tea, and iced coffee. It also has a leak-resistant twist lid with a cute little handle. I would use the Starbucks cold cup to put home-made milk tea with tapioca pearls and my own blends of frappuchino's. Just the look of that would make the drink double as delicious. The screw-on Dome lid makes the whole thing look more like a real frappuchino cup from Starbucks. The double wall construction, the sturdy plastic, and the reusable straw makes it a better option than the disposable ones. It is also better for the environment. Imagine the amount of disposable plastic mineral water bottles and plastic cups I would not need to throw away if I owned these....

I really hope that the Starbucks online shop will start delivering globally soon.     

I do feel that I am kind of lucky, because Starbucks finally opened a store in Rotterdam, just recently. It is at the campus of the Erasmus university, my Alma mater. Somehow this is not mentioned on the Dutch Starbucks website. They probably do not want any crazy Starbucks fan (like me ^_^) to just enter the university campus without permission. Is it too late for me to do a PhD at the Erasmus university after all ? :P

Update: Rotterdam now has a second Starbucks location, right in the Rotterdam Central station. I don't need to sneak into the campus without permission anymore. ^_^

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